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  1. rainydaysoo

    Best online option for NCLEX PREP

    I agree with Grammy, Best tool ever. Kaplan really helped me become a registered nurse and so did Uworld. I used Uworld for content.
  2. rainydaysoo

    Best NCLEX study tools

    UWORLD!! I swear by this, I wouldn't be a registered nurse right now if I didn't use this. Do all questions. Do not sit for the test unless you complete all the questions. Kaplan, It teaches you how to select the answers. I needed Kaplan and Uworld. Best of luck to you.
  3. rainydaysoo

    SNHU RN to BSN Online Program

    Me too, I'm not sure as well. I'm between two schools, Chamberlain and this one. Any feedback is helpful.. Thanks
  4. rainydaysoo

    Home health Nursing In NY

    Good day, I was just offered a Position in NY to do Home Health. I hope I'm posting in the correct place. From what she explained to me I would do 20 visits a week. I would have to supervise Home health aides and make sure everything is was going well. I would have to see patients in Manhattan and in the Bronx. Does anyone else do something similar. This is considered a full time position, How long does each visit take? am I able to condense and see patients for 3 days. I was thinking about starting at 9 am and seeing about 8-9 patients a day and end work around 6-7pm. I am excited about this position but I don't have any type of home care experience' Thanks in advance.
  5. rainydaysoo

    What is a good state for the Rn nclex

    Read before you answer, I clearly said" I don't know if this is true" and that it might not be because NCLEX is a National test" You guys are real bullies on this site, Like I said before, I know for a fact NCLEX is a National test. Seems like no one can respond to anyone on this site without being attacked by the regulars. Sickening
  6. rainydaysoo

    Best RN NCLEX Book

    Not a book but I used this app called Nclex Mastery while I was in LPN-RN school and it was very helpful.
  7. rainydaysoo

    My NCLEX story with 265 questions

    Congrats! I also tested for Florida. I love how they post your license number the following day. I failed the Nclex with 265 questions in December and just passed it on 2/22 with 75 questions. What's next? Well celebrate and search for jobs. I'm sure you'll find something soon. Congrats again.
  8. rainydaysoo

    What is a good state for the Rn nclex

    I dont know if this is true. I heard florida is really hard, they even give you 3 chances to pass the test. If you fail you most do a refresher course. I heard New york is good. I actually remember the director saying that in one state SATA are graded partially. Like if you got 3/4 you would still get the credit. Not sure how true that is and why he would have that information but i will double check for you. From what i understand NCLEX is a National exam so i am not sure if those things are true. Good luck, try Uworld and Kaplan.
  9. rainydaysoo

    Anyone took NCLEX RN found Kaplan helpful?

    Yes helpful! First time I tested I failed with 265 questions. I did the entire qbank of uworld. I knew the content so well so I didn't know why I failed. I went home and I asked myself, what can I do now! I know content, people swear by uworld and I knew I had to try something else but I had to continue to do Uworld. Kaplan helped so much, critical thinking, the tree, helped with answering SATA. The women teaches you how to answer those SATA. You approach the questions as True and false. I always did horrible with those questions but when I did True and False with SATA I manage to get them right! Do their qbank and qtrainers. Most of Kaplan questions are Passing level questions(Application and analysis) You want these on NCLEX cause these will put you above the passing line. Second time I took Nclex I passed with 75 questions due to Kaplan. It works, that's why they even offer to give you your money back if you fail. Dedicate the time and do it. I did the program in 1 month or probably even 2 weeks. I did qtrainers, understood content from uworld then did qtrainer 4-7. Try it, you wont regret it.
  10. rainydaysoo

    License of Endorsement for NY? Where do I begin?

    I know this is an old post, Can anyone tell me how long it took to endorse their License to NY? I submitted everything last week.
  11. rainydaysoo

    Passed my NCLEX with 265 questions - Uworld vs Kaplan! My story

    Congratulations, I know the feeling. Failed the First time with 265 in December as well and Passed with 75 a few days ago. Like I said in the other post you wrote, that was indeed a Passing level question. I remember the actual question but someone edited your post and my response regarding the baby. I also did Kaplan and love the way they explain it all. I swear On Kaplan and Uworld, first time I used Uworld. Second time I used Kaplan and Uworld. Kaplan is so good for critical thinking and knocking those SATA. I Used True and False when answering those and it helped tremendously. One must complete those qbanks from Uworld, I did it twice. Congratulations again, We did it!
  12. rainydaysoo

    Bad pop up after using Kaplan but received Analysis Question

    No meds that I could think of, I probably did but forgot as I cant remember all the 75 questions I had on the test and when I think about it I tend to mix the day before questions on Uworld with the actual Nclex questions. I had a lot of SATA, they kept coming one after another. Yes, I went to school in Florida so I tested for Florida BON, but I was in NY when I tested. You can test anywhere in the states with Pearson Vue.
  13. rainydaysoo

    Failed nclex 11 times.

    Don't be discourage, please do Uworld and Kaplan, complete the qbank. Even if you have to complete the qbank 5 times, do it. learn the content. With Kaplan, learn it, learn the tree. Take a refresher course, or get back into Nursing school. Good luck to all, everything is possible with God!
  14. rainydaysoo

    Bad pop up after using Kaplan but received Analysis Question

    Good luck sweetie, you'll do great!! Just go in with your head up high and answer questions critically thinking. Remember, Safety, Safety, Safety! God bless
  15. rainydaysoo

    Bad pop up after using Kaplan but received Analysis Question

    Florida BON Posted my License number this morning!!! I'm so excited, Thanks for the positive feedbacks. Everything is possible, believe in yourself. Do Kaplan, Do Uworld. It's so worth it .
  16. rainydaysoo

    Bad pop up after using Kaplan but received Analysis Question

    WRONG! Like I said I'm officially an RN! You sound bothered and sad. Why the negative comments. Please go take your bored negative self somewhere else. This website is design to encourage others, you're not doing that. How dare you tell me I'm not a registered nurse when I know I did very well and got the good pop up. I'm going to go celebrate while you'll be bored at home typing nonsense to strangers who could care less about you and your thoughts. Thank you!! New RN