Seeking Nurse Mentor: Anyone willing to connect?

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Seeking Nurse Mentor: Anyone willing to connect?

Hi there, 

I've been a nurse for 9 years (mostly adult ICU, pre/intra op/ post op). I have personal mentors who are very successful and experienced, however, they're not in the health care field. Because of that, they sometimes say "I really don't know what to tell ya" and are unable to guide me through certain situations.

Would greatly appreciate it if anyone's willing to connect. Thanks. 


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klone, MSN, RN

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I would be happy to. Send me a PM and we can connect.

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Like Klone, happy to mentor nurses.  Private Message PM via allnurses inbox under settings.

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Willing to help, answer questions.

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I think this is great. If you need to vent or want to talk something out pm me. I have the opposite....I am the only nurse in a factory but have many close friends that are nurses. 


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I would be honored to mentor a nurse open to mentoring. I have precepted many students and new nurses. I want  to be an encourager!

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So very thankful for you guys! 

I sent the PMs... If still willing to connect, please let me know what is most comfortable for you ( connecting text, phone, PM only here etc). 

I was thinking about this last night and want to throw it out there that if anyone believes that sharing at least a summary of my experiences, the things that I have been struggling through, or what I hope to gain by reaching out would better help you to help me, or anything else, just let me know. Will gladly do that. 

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