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lcmills specializes in Corrections and Occupational Health.

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  1. lcmills

    Aspen University MSN

    I am currently enrolled in the MSN public health courses. I am in my 4th class. It is discussion posts and papers weekly with a PowerPoint at the end of the class. Instructors are OK- not the most helpful but OK
  2. lcmills

    Unsure of which program to continue

    I do not know what program you are in but I went to Indiana Wesleyan for my BSN and got right in with my nursing courses. I was a ADN for about 17 years then got my BSN 2 years ago. You do not have to have a BSN to leave bedside nursing. I work in a factory and have done this for the past 9 years.
  3. lcmills

    From ED to Correctional Nursing

    I have to disagree with Nurse Beth. I used more of my skills in corrections then any other nursing job I have had. Depending on where you work you could be the only nurse. You will see everything in corrections just like the ER. Having strong triage skills is a must. You will either love corrections or hate it. I did it for 11 years but we had high turn over so I changed to occupational health nursing. I was usually the only nurse in corrections for about 700 inmates and now I am the only nurse for about 650 factory workers. I miss correctional nursing it was something new everyday but you really need supportive management and other staff to not get burnt out.
  4. lcmills

    Scared to leave nursing

    I agree with what others are saying that maybe you should work in the nursing field a few days a month until you get this new adventure off and going. It is hard to change ....I should say scary to change sometimes but it can be good. I just moved to another state for my job and I was so scared but it has been great- at times a little lonely but I am getting myself out. What school are you going to? I am looking to get my MSN in public health- I work in occupational. Good luck!!!
  5. lcmills

    LPN to ADN program

    Look at your board of nursing sometimes they will have those listed or you can ask them. That is how I found a bridge program for ADN to BSN online program.
  6. lcmills

    ABOHN CSAT now $50 and two volumes?

    It is expensive and really not worth the money. I copied someone I worked with packet. I took a review course and it did not help either- work paid for it. I need to take my test soon and I just started studying. I figured I would study and review and then just go for it. I just went to the AAOHN conference and the certification test is going to change so if you were thinking of taking it take it before November 2019.
  7. lcmills

    RN to BSN online...I am in a panic! Help me decide!

    I say go for it. I just finished my BSN online and now I would like to get my MSN. I went through IWU so keep posting on ur program through Aspen. I was thinking of using them for my MSN. Good luck!
  8. I feel you! That is why the position I have in Occupational Health is great. I am the only nurse in the factory .......it can get boring but it is so much better for me. There are so many different things to do in nursing that do not involve direct care.
  9. lcmills

    How do you deal with a toxic workplace?

    Just look forward to the jobs you have applied for. I know it is hard to but make the best of the time you have left since you are looking for a new job. Keep your head up
  10. I think you did the right thing. It is nice to have someone that looks at things and can notice a problem. It is scary to think that everyone was "just signing it out but not giving". I think you did a great thing !!
  11. lcmills

    Detox in Jail?

    I have worked in a detox unit in a local jail and we had standing orders for detox inmates. We started an IV's and then gave different medication per the drug/alcohol abuse. Monitored every 1-2 hours when they first come in. But the jail I worked out I could everyone on the detox program from my desk. I know it is a hard road but sometimes "tough love" helps but that person has to be willing too.
  12. lcmills

    Nurse's Week Gifts from Employers

    Every year I am taken to a nice lunch. At other jobs we had lunches or a small gift.
  13. lcmills

    Day 5: 2016 Nurses Week Mashup Contest

    Tsunami- when a patient has more than one STD- HIV+ Hep C+ etc....
  14. lcmills

    Day 7: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    That is the wrong type of specimen for this drug test!
  15. lcmills

    Day 4: 2016 Nurses Week Top 5 Things Contest

    1. Never be afraid to ask for help or look something up. 2. Team work is the key to any shift. 3. Try to make the best of any crazy patient situation- remember they do not go home with you! 4. Smile even though you want to cry or scream. :) 5. Think of the good things you have done in your shift even though you do not feel like it is possible it will out way the bad.
  16. lcmills

    Day 3: 2016 Nurses Week Meme Contest

    We all made it through another day- nurses and patients included!

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