Anyone worked at EK health?

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I have an interview with EK Health (for a case management position. I know they are based out of California and the reviews are not great but I do not know if that is from nurses or call center employees. Any help on what the caseload is like or if it is just a horrible place to work? Any tips on the interview would be appreciated. 

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Dear Lcmills,

How did your interview go?

I unfortunately cannot help you. But I was a CM for a large health insurance company in Florida some years ago. I had a case load between 50 - 70. Hope that helps. 

Let me know what you found out, interested. 

Hope all is going well?



Specializes in Corrections and Occupational Health.

It went OK but decided not to go with them. I make more in the job I have and did have to travel. Thanks for asking!


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