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I have an issue with my/all scrubs i've ever worn. the waist is too high. I know a shallow topic, but i goes to comfort. i just want a pair of scubs that sit right below my belly botton, i don't need or want my but to be hanging out. I just want a comfortable pair of scubs. The ones I have now if pulled up (so the crotch isn't at my knees) go up to my breasts. I have the strong idea that their should be space between my bra and pants. I've tried rolling then it doesn't work.

just my useless rant of the day. anyone else with the same issues?


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Try "Dickeys" brand. They have a shorter crotch..if that is the term, and might fit better.


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yeah...i wear the dickeys flared scrubs. i love em. they sit low on the hips...not britney spears low but there not that high either.


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Get this, stylish scrubs !!

Landau, Low rise boot cut haha~ the most comfortable pair I have ever put on.

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try "dickeys" brand. they have a shorter crotch..if that is the term, and might fit better.

i found the dickies to be too low, like most of the 'low riding' pants these days. maybe i'm just getting old. i feel like i have to pull my pants up all the time (but they're not falling down).

i swear by drawstrings. i cant wear anything with an elastic wateband (too constricting and too high).

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I'm right there with ya, StillRiding. I have a very short waist and like you, feel there should be a space between my bra and my pants. It seems there are a lot fewer choices in uniform suppliers in Canada and so I just roll 'em down. I find the drawstring waists work a bit better (they're not continually falling down!!), and there's much less bulk around the middle.

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They are all over. Look for them. I bought some and took them back not realizing they were low riders LOL.

renerian :rotfl:

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The older I get, the closer my waist to breast distance becomes. Ugh. I like to wear the bottoms semi-low as well.


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Sometimes I wish I had that problem, but mine is the opposite! I have trouble finding pants that go up high enough. I hate the feeling that I'm going to look like the plumber (I know,a stereotype, but you know what I'm getting at) everytime I bend over or squat down.

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The last time I bought several on-sale scrub sets, ALL the pants went up WAY too high. I just took 'em in about 2" (shortened the waist-to-hip length) - stitched just below the drawstring stitching, figuring I would either wear a top over it, or, my stitching would be so close to the original, it wouldn't show (and no one is gonna be looking anyway! :D). Appreciate the tips from others for better-fitting scrub pants, in any case! :)


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I'm lucky Chantal's mom makes all my uniforms. She has the unusual nack to make every thing fit perfect. I am short 5 feet and have no waist .

She even makes us little scrunchies to put in our hair

Life is sooooo good


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I love the Dickies Hip Flips. They are great! And I am a very picky person when it comes to scrub bottoms.

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