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I hate scrub tops.

As a LPN in a LTC, I am looking for something more indicative of my leadership role and professional licensure/training/responsibility. We do not have color guidelines.

I also hate scrubs shirts as it makes me remember my 'CNA days'.

I have settled into scrub pants (dark) and a white golf shirt with 'LPN' on the chest. There are many on, but would like something perhaps embroidered, while at the same economical

Any thoughts/mail orders suggested. Thanks!


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I know it was clear in your post that you don't like scrub tops, but these uniforms stand out, come in a gazillion colours and look very masculine. The company will add up to 3 lines of embroidery for name, title, etc in block or script letters on the shirts: and I've been told that they can do some custom embroidery, like for a logo, design, caduceus or rod of Asclepius, etc.

They do tend to be a bit more expensive than plain/unisex scrubs, but they are heavy-duty/bulletproof and will last a long time.

If it looks like it might be something worth considering, do a search on this forum and you'll see many of us swear by them and won't go back!


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They do tend to be a bit more expensive than plain/unisex scrubs, but they are heavy-duty/bulletproof and will last a long time.

Bulletproof might come in handy! Thanks!


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I just got the new Tafford catalog today. They have 3 prints for males from what i can see. There may be more on the site, but there are at least 3 out there for us as males. I do like the prints and would wear them if around peds, but i deal with many confused LOL and LOM. Nota good combo when they think you are Goofy or Pooh-bear. Don't seem to take you too seriously then.

One of the neatest male nurses I ever worked with wore white,navy, or tan "Dickie's" and then a neat polo. He had many colors, always looked neat and said he was more comfortable than in scrubs. He always looked professional. Ofcourse, his wife was so proud of him, she paid special attention to his "uniforms".

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Your post makes you sound like you want to look more important than your CNA's, I hope you don't have that attitude at work.

When I worked LTC as an LPN when I was finishing nursing school I tried to give my CNA's value and respect because I feel they have one of the hardest and most thankless jobs on the planet. They are your eyes and ears and can either save your ass or place it on the ringer.

Personally I feel that scrubs ARE professional and nice scrubs are classy (I wear the previously mentioned aviatorsrubs). I would not feel comfortable getting my hands dirty doing my job with a polo shirt on.


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Oh no, I am sorry I gave you that impression. As I was a CNA for two years, I treat the CNA's tht work with me with the outmost respect. They hardly care what I wear, more how I talk to them and ask them to do stuff. I still remember being told what to do as a CNA with a stinging attitude.

Alot of my interaction is with families, other nurses, and other professionals who come in. Personally I like the 'white' appearance of a traditional nurse and I just don't look good in scrubs with goofy or mickey.

If this is a hangup on my part, I accept it. While making a list please also add that I hate having a stethoscope around my neck (never allowed in nursing school). I also hate crocs. Oh, and don't forget NY giant football players and fans.:cheers:

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I'm just thankful that we're not made to wear all white (see other recent threads in the General forum).

I like wearing scrubs, especially all the neat pockets they provide. My school uses navy scrubs, so I bought some plain navy scrub tops so I can share pants between my PCA job and school. This and the addition of some new navy pants should (I hope) get me through until May when I finish school.


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The aviator scrubs run almost twice the price of regular scrubs but I'm hooked on them too. Thats all I buy now.


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I don't care about the topic,sorry. But that aviator uniform site is awesome. The lab-jacket screams bitc'in

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