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  1. MacD


    If 2 paramedics can run a code, why cn't you an an acls trained nurse run a code.. The odds for patient survival increase with early defibrillation. Rather than just CPR
  2. MacD

    Spin off: how do you deal with DNP haters.

  3. MacD

    Is APN realistic at my age?

    I graduated form nursing school with A BSN in August 2007. Now I am a part time ACNP student an a full time nurse, 36 hours/ 3 12's a week. It will take me 3 years to finish my MSN. I am 55. If you are in good health and reasonably fit you can do it. Don't sweat the age thing. Oh yes, I am married with 2 beautiful grandkids which live with us.
  4. MacD

    RN to FNP - Best Experience?

    if there is a large very busy ed in your area that would give you the widest range of experience. you'll see everything from the crashing septic pt to the sniffles and cough. however, a sleepy small ed in a tertiary hospital will not give you the same exposure/experience.
  5. MacD


    Male ACNP student here with no plans to go beyond the MSN. I'll finish in 2012.
  6. MacD

    UNC-Chapel Hill RN-MSN Question

    Call or email them. They will be happy to tell you everything you would like to know.
  7. MacD

    The most depressing conversation with my instructor

    For those who keep hearing the DNP will soon be mandatory here is an excerpt frm the NLN's June 2010 statement concerning the Master's Degress vs DNP in Nursing. I have also included a link if you would like to read the full statement. "http://www.nln.org/aboutnln/reflection_dialogue/refl_dial_6.htm Now is not the time to exercise a restrictive control of education development. Our educational approaches to developing a cadre of advanced practice nurses shouldn't be an "either/or" situation, e.g., a doctorate as the only avenue to advanced practice. Nursing must stay true to its core purpose — meeting the health care needs of the people by providing safe, quality care. Existing master's programs have capably demonstrated the ability meet this high standard. Now is not the time to rapidly lengthen the only route to advanced practice nursing education which may not be in the best interest of our patients. Master's-prepared nurses are poised to assume an important role in a reformed health care system and provide site-specific primary care. APRNs have been providing care in underserved areas and communities, both urban and rural, for decades with quality outcomes.
  8. MacD

    This is not the ICU

    PAERRN20 gives good advice. Watch your Doctors and PA/NP's. Focused assessments are not only expected they are survival in busy high volume ED's. Which is not to say you ignore everything else. The doorway assessment as you walk in the room, how they talk act, respond, move etc....tells you a great deal before you do a formal assessment.
  9. MacD

    Single mom, no help, nurse schedules

    Look into OR positions they usually start at approx 0530 and in the afternoon
  10. MacD

    Good Press Ganey for ER. Possible??

    How about gumball machines in the lobby filled with Percocet? Snicker snicker! Just kidding!!!
  11. MacD

    ACNP hours and settings vs FNP...

    I am in an ACNP program as well and asked the same questions in my area. yes some of the ACNP's work as you stated but others work in specialty clinics ( heart failure, neurology, etc. ) some also work in Urgent Care clinics. (Urgent care NOT family practice)
  12. MacD

    What is your PDA?

    If you already have phone service and ipod touch does EVERYTHING an Iphone can do except make phone calls
  13. MacD

    So what are all the steps in Nursing please?

    If you want to be a nurse. I would suggest your first step is to go to the closest community college or university with a nursing program and find out about their program. It would also be helpful to talk with a working nurse in order to gain more insight into what nurses really do. Bear in mind however there is a W I D E variety in job descriptions between the various nursing "specialties".
  14. MacD

    If I want to work in ED as NP

    It depends on your state and the facility. In mine adult ACNPs can see patients down to 13. Also, if you ED is one that has a separate PEDS ED and Adult ED, not most, then seeing kids is not an issue. As for me I am in an ACNP program with plans of adding the additional courses for FNP at the end. This of corse will add time to my program butwill make me more marketable as well. The time added ? Probably a semester and a summer.
  15. MacD

    ACNP/FNP Dual Programs info please

    While not advertisted as a dual program, Duke also has the option of dual cerification/majoring. I spoke to my advisor and was told adding FNP to my program would be possible but would add approx. a semester and a summer to my 3 year part time program. And yes you have to take both certification exams.