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Schools with low NCLEX-RN passing rates

cmiranda cmiranda (New) New

Hi, new to the forum. I've been searching this whole site, but I can't seem to find my answer. I'm wondering if it matters that a school has low NCLEX-RN passing rates. I've been done with my prereqs and I've been applying to places and I'm wondering if you should judge a school on their board exams. I don't wanna go to a nursing school that'll make me a poor nurse. I live in California if that makes any difference. Oh yeah, and the passing rate for this school is around 65-70%. Is that bad? Thanks.

akanini, MSN, RN

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That seems pretty low to me. I wouldn't risk going there if it were me. You can email your BON and find out your state's average percentage. I feel that if it's higher than that range, you probably shouldn't go.

The school I'm taking prerequisites at had a 70% pass rate in the past year. Isn't the national average 75%? I'm not thrilled with the 70% here, and have applied to the nursing program but have my sights set on a school with a much higher pass rate.

BUT that being said, if this were the only place I got in to, I'd definitely go and just do a lot of work on my own on NCLEX questions. If the alternative is not going to nursing school, then it's worth a gamble, imo.

ChristineN, BSN, RN

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The national average for NCLEX passing rates is a 85%, so a 65-70% is very low. I personally would look to see what the rates are of other schools in the area. I would also ask the school what they are doing to work on improving this rate.

Since 85% that train in the US pass the exam the first time, you do not want to attend that school. If they are having only about 70% pass the first time, they are well below what is considerd acceptable, and there are many programs in CA where the passing rate is over 95%.


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Here's the deal, the schools with the low NCLEX passing percentages most likely have a large graduating class. In other words most who enter the program probably graduate. I attended a Technical School that had passing percentages well above 95%. The kicker here is, about 125 entered the program and only 39 graduated. I guess some schools have different philosophies.

vashtee, RN

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I agree with S1Xguns. If their pass rate is so low, they may not be booting out very many students during the program. If I were going to enter that program, I would try to find out what percentage of students who start the program are able to graduate. In my school, about 40% flunk out, and 94% of the grads pass the NCLEX the first time.

Also, I would definitely do extra studying and be sure to take a prep class before the NCLEX.

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