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Attention school nurses! If a student comes to you and requests you assist them and put vaseline on their freshly done tattoo, would you do it? (Work at the high school level). Why or why... Read More

  1. by   CanIcallmymom
    Quote from ana010
    At the high school level kids can (and do in my office) perform a lot of self care. Encouraging and instructing them on how to care for themselves sets them up to be independent adults, which is right around the corner.
    This is what I do. If it is something small, I guide them in self-care.
  2. by   ruby_jane
    RJ Junior got her a tattoo over the weekend. Best practice is occlusive dressing with skin checks x 3 days, antibacterial soap and Aquaphor. In case that helps. As a high school nurse I did not have Aquaphor.
  3. by   Whatthefrick
    I would not assist, but I would offer supplies. If they're old enough to get a tattoo, they're old enough to do the aftercare.
  4. by   beachynurse
    We do not. This is also a liability issue. If we provide care, an apply vaseline, lotion whatever, and it is the wrong substance and there is a complication we potentially can be held liable. This is something that should be cared for at home, along with nose, belly button, and or cartilage piercings. We will observe and look for signs of infection, and use the time to teach, call a parent, but not apply anything.