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CanIcallmymom has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in school nursing.

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  1. CanIcallmymom

    Missouri School Nurses - BinaxNOW Rapid Testing

    Our district nurse discussed it with our central office recently. I haven't heard back just yet but it seemed like the nurses weren't totally on board.
  2. CanIcallmymom

    Frequent Flyers

    This to a "T"!! After I notice a pattern, I say "does your mom know you've been to see me 18 times this month/week/etc? Let's call your parents right now because maybe something bigger is going on that they need to take you to the doctor for." Another thing to ponder with *some* of them is a deeper meaning to the frequent visits... attention seeking vs. abuse/neglect. But that is usually not the case, just something that sometimes might come up.
  3. CanIcallmymom

    CDC Has Changed the "Close Contact" Definition

    The CDC says this: "Because the general public has not received training on proper selection and use of respiratory PPE, such as an N95, the determination of close contact should generally be made irrespective of whether the contact was wearing respiratory PPE. At this time, differential determination of close contact for those using fabric face coverings is not recommended." https://www.CDC.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/contact-tracing/contact-tracing-plan/appendix.html#contact
  4. CanIcallmymom

    What do you do when a kid refuses to wear a mask?

    Our admin has been handling the kids who won't wear them or don't wear them properly. This is a disciplinary issue for sure.
  5. CanIcallmymom

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    I'm not wearing pink, but I have a tie dye shirt on that kinda has some pinkish shades? IDK, maybe I'm not cool anyway since I'm wearing TIE DYE for crying out loud. Freaks and Geeks, here I come.
  6. CanIcallmymom

    Just me, or everyone...?

    I always kind of laugh/cringe at the birthday immunizations as well. Haha, I thought it was just me. And yes, I always see my son's birthdates for shots!
  7. CanIcallmymom

    Fast Acting Glucose in Classrooms

    I asked my district nurse if we have a policy for classrooms to have any fast acting glucose in the classrooms in case of a lockdown. I was basically told the students need to keep it on them by this point (HS). I'm not particularly happy with that answer for two reasons: 1. I feel like this is a HUGE safety issue. What if a student is sent by a teacher to another class/office/etc and didn't take their bag for what was expected to be a quick trip. 2. They're still kids. They forget stuff. All. The. Time. I'm planning on discussing the issue with my principal instead to see if this is something they can purchase for the classrooms for over the Summer, but it needs to be pretty cost effective. We have approximately 75-ish teachers. What do you do in your school?
  8. CanIcallmymom

    C'Mon Now!

    Again.... HS nurse here. Testing day (I love testing days, I get so caught up on paperwork). Testing coordinator: "Hey, Mrs. D just asked if you have any peppermints because some of them are falling asleep." Me: *Blank stare, hard blinks* "I don't. BUT, do you really think a peppermint is going to keep a student awake during the SAT?" Testing coordinator: "Thought so, thanks anyway." Really?!
  9. CanIcallmymom

    C'Mon Now!

    Me too. No more peppermints. Though I still have students who ask. They pout to me that I don't have a peppermint. I ask them what doctor's office/ER/etc ever gave them a peppermint for their upset stomach/sore throat/indigestion/etc... LOL
  10. CanIcallmymom

    C'Mon Now!

    "I can't breathe out of my nose"... Uh.. okay? Do you want a tissue?! THIS IS A HIGH SCHOOLER.
  11. CanIcallmymom

    Cutting Clothes: ED SI/HI pt

    I am not sure how I feel about cutting patient's clothing in the ED for this reason. However, yes it is common and expected practice for ED nurses to place a patient in a gown and remove all belongings and items that could place the patient at risk for suicide, including monitor wires, clothing, blankets. Strangulation is a common manner of suicide for SI inpatients. There was probably a better way to get the clothing removed from the patient, as others have mentioned-antipsychotics. But the truth is, the patient's safety matters most.
  12. CanIcallmymom

    Mobility Impaired Evacuation

    We do not have a 2nd floor on my campus, however our elementary campus has multiple floors. They use an evac chair.
  13. CanIcallmymom

    Face masks

  14. CanIcallmymom

    Face masks

    I was asked if we have "plenty" of masks. What is your version of plenty? Do I have enough for 1000 students plus 100 staff or so? I don't know how many they want me to have. I have appx 150 stocked up. I've considered reaching out to a local hospital. But I haven't done so yet.
  15. CanIcallmymom

    Student pregnancy

    I have always handled it with privacy and do not disclose any info without permission from the student, as this is how we handled it in the ER as well. I *encourage* the student to tell her parents, and I let her know that if she wants me/counselor to discuss with the parent then I will. I would never force them to tell their parents. However, under FERPA laws I believe, parents are entitled to school records upon request... I think the counselors can disclose to parents without issue, as long as the pregnancy is not a result of suspected abuse. In Texas, if they are under 17 and elect to have an abortion, the doctor is required to notify a parent. So after I feel them out for what direction they're taking with their pregnancy, I may let them know this. Title IX laws are federal laws regarding pregnant students. Here is some info I found for my state: https://texaslawhelp.org/article/pregnant-and-parenting-minors-and-health-care
  16. CanIcallmymom

    Coronavirus and Schools

    I'm not panicked, but it definitely has my ears perked up. I too am mostly concerned with shortages. There are already shortages on simple masks, and I can not get any more. I was getting a head start on ordering supplies for next school year since I will be out for a few months when I noticed this. My school will have to make do with what I have unless we can get some more from a local hospital, I suppose.