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  1. CanIcallmymom


    Some people really freak out at the sight of blood. Surprisingly, those people menstruate. I kid, I kid... sorta. I have been flagged down for "a lot of blood." that was one small drip on a kid's shin. Cracks me up.
  2. CanIcallmymom

    School Wellness Commitees

    We have it, but it seems to be mostly nutrition requirements in our meetings, PE stuff, nothing that really pertains to nursing. Oh, and it also has requirements for selling food on campus (concessions or even laws pertaining to food-based fundraising). I feel like appointing all the district nurses was unnecessary and passing the buck. It seemed like an administrator for each campus needed to be there. I rarely have coverage to actually make it to the meetings.
  3. CanIcallmymom

    Principal calling current manager for reference

    Do you have a good relationship with your supervisor? I did and let him know I was trying to find a better fit for my family and he was very understanding. I told him I would stay PRN and did for a while to make the transition easier and ease into it. Management knows that most employees aren't "lifers," especially in nursing. However, just an FYI. They can really ask any questions they want, but most places are afraid of lawsuits so they will only confirm dates of employment instead of giving yay or nay reviews of the employee. Most potential employers are forced to call an HR department to verify this. It totally depends on the facility, though!
  4. CanIcallmymom


    Glad to see you 'round these parts!
  5. CanIcallmymom

    what to do if you disagree with PA's treatment

    Sticky situation! I would educate mom that from your understanding, oral antibiotics are required--and show her the research that proves this. I took my son to a PA for scalp ringworm when he was 3 and it was treated with oral antifungal (griseofulvin) and the PA informed me that topical agents won't work to treat it. Sounds like that provider is misinformed. My son had a perfectly circle bald patch on the top back of his scalp where it was. I would think it would be nice for the child to be able to wear a hat until it is resolved in any case due to possible ridicule, but I suppose that's up to the school. I think it took several weeks for the hair to grow back.
  6. CanIcallmymom

    Head lice

    Here's more info on it. https://www.dshs.texas.gov/schoolhealth/lice.shtm Looks like it just applies to public elementary schools.
  7. CanIcallmymom

    C'Mon Now!

    I have kids ask me for alcohol ALL THE TIME. It's crazy.
  8. CanIcallmymom

    Students injected with wrong item

    Definitely a good lesson for the students. I don't think the students were the ones doing the injecting.
  9. CanIcallmymom

    C'Mon Now!

    Surely it's just the puberty discussion right? I can not...I just... It's a hard no from me.
  10. CanIcallmymom

    40 Students per day... YIKES!!

    I can not fathom 150 a day! I can't fathom half of that!!! 30 is my sweet spot (1000 kids HS).
  11. CanIcallmymom

    C'Mon Now!

    I hate H/V in HS for this reason too! Ugh.
  12. CanIcallmymom

    High School Sports Physicals

    Our athletic trainer handles it all here.
  13. CanIcallmymom


    I would call the instructor and let them know you plan on thanking them and would like to thank w/ fruit/cookies/drinks and ask for their thoughts.
  14. CanIcallmymom

    what is your process for sharing medical records to parents

    I ask for a request in writing, then I give it. No special form.
  15. CanIcallmymom

    Arizona Nurses - Fill me in on the vision screening

    I'm not sure who certifies you for hearing/vision in your state, but in TX we are certified by the Dept of Health. I googled your state's website (and a few others), and it doesn't look like it is listed yet. Perhaps it was just signed into law and hasn't started yet, officially? https://www.azed.gov/shs/schoolhealth/guidelines/ https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-education/2019/06/11/arizona-schools-soon-get-free-vision-screenings-students-doug-ducey/1414387001/ https://cms.azed.gov/home/GetDocumentFile?id=5accc2bf3217e114c088c729
  16. CanIcallmymom

    Awkward conversation tips! HELP!

    I think that is definitely a parent conversation. Do they have to wear skirts or can they wear pants? Agree, I think if the teacher is uncomfortable speaking with the parent, maybe a counselor or admin can.