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  1. CanIcallmymom

    School Title

    My frequent name for summoning my attention is "MISS!" Or "nurse". I have a huge sign above my head that says "Nurse Lastname" but hardly any students call me that. Only my regulars who are in here for meds everyday.
  2. CanIcallmymom

    C'Mon Now!

    Nope... I will not give you clothes to change into for: Water on pants Small amount of Dr. Pepper on pants Ketchup on pants Streak of paint from art on pants....
  3. CanIcallmymom

    Suicidal Thoughts in School

  4. CanIcallmymom

    When do you call?

    We have mostly flu A strains here and the crazy stomach bug too. I've sent home almost just as many stomach bugs/vomiting as I have suspected flus this week.
  5. CanIcallmymom

    Suicidal Thoughts in School

    We do not leave student alone at any time. Refer to counselor or school psychologist who accepts care of student.
  6. CanIcallmymom

    Action Plans

    No, I had been contacting mom for Action Plan since I received notification of dx, I guess it was easier for mom to provide to counselor since they were working on 504 already together.
  7. CanIcallmymom

    Action Plans

    Okay, awesome! Thank you so much.
  8. CanIcallmymom

    When do you call?

    Ours are rising as well in North Texas. Following...
  9. CanIcallmymom

    Action Plans

    The counselor approached me and provided a student's Action Plan for POTS and asked me if I would send a copy to all the teachers...This is my first year school nursing but it seems a little unnecessary and possibly a breach of confidentiality (FERPA?/HIPPA?). What are your thoughts? Am I worried for no reason?
  10. CanIcallmymom


    WOW! That is a responsible young man!
  11. CanIcallmymom

    buying supplies with your own money

    This! I think I would get with my principal first to ask about "the process for buying supplies for the nurse's office." And if I received any pushback or no answers, I would go to HR and ask as well. If your school's receptionist has a budget, you have one too swimming around in there...
  12. CanIcallmymom

    Return after flu

    That's the phrase we used in the ER to tell our custodial staff.
  13. CanIcallmymom


    Thanks for the great suggestions! I don't think I will see this kiddo unless he actually needs me, after talking to him. I am concerned he may avoid the clinic even when he needs the rest/eval.
  14. CanIcallmymom

    Return after flu

    A residual cough from an illness can sometimes take weeks to go away. If they are fever free and not coughing to the point where the teacher can't teach, I'd personally let them stay. But use your judgement. Have you talked to his parents this morning?
  15. CanIcallmymom


    That's great! Hoping mine doesn't have severe symptoms at school any longer.