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  1. ana010

    C'Mon Now!

    I have learned this week several of our admin do not know what a school nurse does and believe the ones on our district do not do enough, so they are assigning one of our new nurses a class! I am appalled and floored!!!
  2. ana010

    just a Thursday vent

    When I changed campuses several years ago, I refused to deal with clothing as a nursing issue. Or shoes or glasses. I will help anyone, but this is not a nursing issue. Any staff member may help with these issues. It made me unpopular with a few people, but I was still able to sleep at night.
  3. ana010

    Teacher appreciation week...

    Two thoughts after reading this thread. 1) I am thankful for my coworkers. I have gotten a tweet from my school and 2 sweet gifts from co workers. 2) What you allow is what will continue. Sign out and leave campus for 30 minutes.
  4. ana010

    Staff Needs

    Do you all have staff members who require as much or more time and attention as your students? I just had a staff member in crying to me because she felt targeted. What?!? See your therapist! I will take your bp, etc, but I don't get paid enough for this. Thankfully a student (with a known arrhythmia) busted in needing to call dad. This happens weekly with a handful of staff members. All have known health concerns and I am required to see staff too. I have told several they need to see a therapist, no that they have listened. Anyhoo! I feel slightly better having vented.
  5. ana010

    hot glue guns

    I usually buy aloe at the end of summer and give for any burn. Have found sometimes people just want something on it.
  6. ana010

    Poor planning

    I get that. Admin wanting parents happy all the time makes it difficult to do what is best for the child and to do your job to the best of your ability.
  7. ana010

    Poor planning

    The 7 year old kindergartner's parents would be in truancy court here. I allow children to call parents all they want, but I quickly explain I will not excuse the absence unless it meets criteria. Like so many aspects in education, the fact that we are more concerned with the welfare of these children is heart breaking, infuriating and plain exhausting.
  8. ana010

    Poor planning

    I live in a state that has a law to prevent excessive absences. Students may miss 8 days per semester, unexcused. I am in a high school. I am completely out of patience and sympathy for these children with allergy or cold symptoms who have no fever and want me to send them home. I have asked student if he/she thought in January (when student missed 6 days) that he/she might be ill in April. Of course student does not care, but I will continue to pose these questions and maybe one kid will realize he/she needs to plan ahead! Ok, rant over. Carry on with your day.
  9. ana010

    When nurse is needed outside of the clinic

    Or even just the child's name. If you have 40+ inhalers and several epi pens in your office, not to mention diastat for certain individuals, a name can be a great clue. But yes, a little info goes a long way.
  10. ana010

    What happens if you put water on ketone stip?

    I have had diabetic students for 8 years now. If his body has adapted to his blood sugar running around 400, he may not produce ketones. I have had 2 students in similar situation. They are seniors this year and I preach to them about their feet and eye sight, seems to fall on deaf ears, but I can't help myself!
  11. ana010

    Attention seeking students

    Just trying to tread water with first of year paper work and meetings and the attention seekers are bringing me down this year!
  12. ana010

    Good Kids

    6th and 7th grade boys can be the sweetest kids!
  13. ana010

    The Not So "Nursey" Things...

    When I worked in middle school, had a girl come to my office because she spilled water in her back pack. She passed at least 2 bathrooms with paper towels to get to me.
  14. ana010

    C'Mon Now!

    The you look pale comment and using rouge or lipstick reminded me of lines from Designing Women "The Naked Truth" [ATTACH=CONFIG]25345[/ATTACH] JENNIFER: Anthony, do you suppose we could stop at a drug store on the way? I need to get some blush-on with some little sparkly stuff in it. CAMILLA: We are NOT stopping. If you want red cheeks, why don't I just slap them for you
  15. ana010

    We've talked about this a million times...

    This is where I would become more stubborn than a mule and refuse to even call. Thank goodness I work at a high school!!!
  16. ana010

    Employee Health?

    This drives me NUTS! These people are adults, but expect someone to call in for them! Man up!

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