Which job would be less stressful?

  1. I'm a school nurse with an opportunity to possibly teach older high school students wanting to career track into the medical field. They need an RN but it wouldn't be totally like teaching nursing. It's a new program but I'd basically be working as a teacher and not a nurse. I've always been very interested in teaching but I've always pictured teaching nursing students and not high school students. We all know what school nursing requires and it is less stress in a lot of ways than being in a hospital. However, there are a lot of things that get old like frequent flyers, lice, not getting the respect we deserve, the pay, etc. This new job would pay more and I'd have a slightly shorter year but not a huge difference in either. Around here, school nursing jobs don't come open frequently so I want to make sure this is what I want before I give it up. I do enjoy school nursing for the most part and can see myself retiring from it but after 12 years of it I think it might be exciting to do something different. Do you think it would be more stress? Any opinions or insight would be great! Thanks!!
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  3. by   Farawyn
    Are the hours the same, meaning could you still keep your finger in the pie as a sub nurse, and transition back if you wanted?
  4. by   Blue_Moon
    Yes the hours are the same so I wouldn't be able to sub at all. There's no guarantee I would be able to transition back which is why this is a big decision for me. I've left school nursing a couple of times already to pursue positions I thought I'd enjoy more. One of the biggest reasons I keep coming back to school nursing is the hours and lower stress. I'm ready to find my niche and settle down once and for all. I have great schools and finally felt like I'd made peace with being a school nurse from now on then out of the blue this popped up. My initial gut reaction was YES I've always wanted to try teaching but then I was like will this be a good fit for me or another grass is always greener job? I've since heard it will be a more nursing oriented program which makes me happier about it. I'm just really tired of getting dumped on so much as a school nurse, the lack of true respect for what we do, and feeling like an outsider because I'm a nurse and not a teacher. However, being able to be an advocate for the kids when they need someone, helping them feel better, etc is what makes it worth it. My biggest concern is dealing with a large group of students and always those few that don't want to try. However, is that any more stressful then the stuff we have to deal with every day? I don't know!
  5. by   Wave Watcher
    The only negative I can see is lesson plans. That is if you are required to make lesson plans. Our teachers spend so much of their time doing this plus they are always having staff meetings after school for an hour or two and I just want to do my job and go home. Teaching does sound like a lot of fun....high school may be a bit more stressful than you think. Attitude and other issues really can raise their ugly heads up at this stage of their lives. Do you think the other teachers are going to give you the respect you deserve? Will they look at you like one of them or still the school nurse that teaches? Just some thoughts. I wish you the very best!!
  6. by   Blue_Moon
    Good questions! It will be at a totally different school like a vocational school and I will have to get my teacher certificate through a program they recommend that's not too difficult from what I've heard so I'm not to worried about being seen as a nurse and not a teacher since I'll have that certification and won't be working with the same people. Plus most of the teachers there have been doing their non-teaching career who came back to teach it like I would be so I won't be such a duck out of water. I guess there's really just no way of knowing for sure and I'll have to try to get more info and trust my gut. I can see how working with teens can be tricky but the ones taking this class choose to so hopefully they'll be more interested and willing to learn than if it were just a regular class. I'm sure there will be the few though that test me.
  7. by   Farawyn
    Go with your gut. You said it sais YES.
    And it may be more "stressful" but there is good stress, too.
  8. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    What exactly are you teaching? Health? Something health related? I'm teaching sex-ed to 7th and 8th grade this year and I love it! I'm writing a plan to teach sex-ed to the HS students next year and looking forward to it. However, but are shortened lessons, running one quarter; still the lesson planning eats up a LOT of time. If you get planning periods (which I don't), awesome!

    It sounds like you want to go for it as the poster above me said. Personally, I love getting a chance to introduce health and wellness into the classroom and get to know the kids in a different way. Some days I do have that one class that just stresses me out, but thus far, totally worth it.
  9. by   100kids
    I am the School Nurse and the Health teacher in my building. It's tough being both but I love it as well. It has definitely added more time and stress to my days but also more creativity, excitement and satisfaction. Lesson plans take me the longest but I think as I go I will get better at them and they will take less time. I love my time in the classroom with the kids. You say you've left School Nursing a few times before to try something else. To me that means School Nursing is not making you completely happy so you should try new things. Sometimes you have to jump at an opportunity that presents itself if you think it may be what makes you happy. Good luck whatever you choose!
  10. by   Nurse ABC
    Yes, it would be teaching health related material. It's good hear others in this type of role enjoy it! I think you're right about the reason I keep searching. I'm going to go for it! Thank you for helping me decide! Praying I get it!!
  11. by   Blue_Moon
    Oh how funny, I posted that under my old profile which is saved on my desk computer. I had to make a new profile for my iPad because I can't remember my password and it will only send an email to reset it to an old email I no longer have! Anyway, thanks!