Surrounded by VOMIT!!

  1. What's going around your school? We have lots of gastroenteritis in our district.

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  3. by   mustlovepoodles
    Norovirus is very active this year. Sorry the Puke Fairy is visiting your school
  4. by   Purple_Scrubs
    It has gone around my district too, but (crossing fingers), my school has not had much of it so far. At least, the kids have not. Strangely the stomach thing has made it's way around through the teachers and staff without hitting the kiddos quite so hard!
  5. by   Keepstanding
    have seen several kids today for "vomitus" ! i have gone through a 1/2 box of gloves so far ! hope it leaves us and you soon

    praiser :heartbeat
  6. by   chiefswife
    Not alot of (witnessed) vomiting, but lots of stomach pain. The kids I'm seeing are not my usual group of frequent flyers, and they are almost double over with pain.
  7. by   mc3
    FYI - I asked a nurse from the health dept., and she said yes, you can get the norovirus IF you are very close to someone when they vomit. She suggested wearing a mask along with gloves.
    Last week, I had the vomit fairy. This week, it's kind of weird. Low grade temp with headache that fairly quickly turns into 101-102 deg temp. Hits kids out of the blue.
    Oh well!