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After 4 yrs of staff nursing, I switched to agency nursing. My latest assignment is caring for a special needs child in a public school. I've had this child since the last school yr. I had to... Read More

  1. by   nursel56
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    .@ Nursel56...I am so sorry your niece experienced abuse at school. I hope she hasn't had any long term psychological problems from her experience.
    She's an amazingly strong young woman today. Her childhood had been complicated by so many damaging experiences both by her dysfunctional mother who got an emotional pay-off by having a sick daughter - and some in the field of child psychiatry. I wonder if I could've weathered what she did and come out with a positive outlook on life. Thanks for your expression of concern. ♥
  2. by   chevyv
    Thank you so much for the update. What I can't believe is that your supervisor is okay with all other nurses keeping quiet! That sickens me more than the usual suspects. Our special needs children and school aged children in general have no voice. Again, I thank you for speaking up and being their voice. By replacing you, that supervisor continues to bury abuse that may one day haunt her/him. Kudos to you!!
  3. by   bleemadden
    I had to report a doctor and parents for neglect because the doctor openly admitted that she wouldn't see one of my children (her patient) and deemed him as OK (I sent him home for an elevated temp of 100 and urine-consistency diarrhea) because a fever isn't anything below 100.4 and diarrhea is only a problem if it's happening 5-6 times a day. (It was 8:10 when I sent him home..school starts at 8 so I'm sure he had at least 5-6 that day...) The boy is a non-communicating austic and when I asked how she thought he felt she said, "He didn't tell me he wasn't feeling well so he must be doing fine". SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! I advised the parents that they may want to start seeing a new physician but they expressed no concern and backed up her statements!! Both the parents and doctor said that I was dumb for sending him home and that I don't know how to do my job. I give my heart out to disabled children, especially when their parents aren't even advocated for their health.
  4. by   Lovewhatidointx
    Update! It appears I've been hung out to dry! My supervisor realized she was in serious trouble so she called me & offered to give me another assignment that she hasn't even confirmed. Then, she called my student's mother & told her I took another position. The mother didn't know any better so she sent her child back to school. The mother called me the day she sent her child back to school to let me know that she had witnessed first hand what happens in that classroom & so had my supervisor. The mother wants me back & has voiced her desire to reinstate me. However, since my agency replaced me, I can't even get a return call from them much less an assignment. I'm at my wits end with this whole situation. I have done everything I have been told to do. I've followed all of the advice on here except going pubic which I can't do. I'm not a depressed person by nature but this has knocked me to my knees. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do now besides look for another job?
  5. by   CrunchRN
    By all means look for another job, but it is the childs mother who needs to insist that the agency take you back. If you even want to work for them after all this.

    It really BLOWS that you are getting screwed for doing the right thing and I truly hope something wonderful comes from it for you.

    Try not to regret your actions though because could you truly have remained part of the circle allowing this abuse?

    It is not fair for you to pay this price, but I don't think you could have dealt with it any other way.
  6. by   Lovewhatidointx
    Thank you, CrunchRN! I'm currently looking for another job. A little worried because of references because I have worked for this company for 18 months. I can't afford a bad reference. Also, I don't regret my decision to report the abuse. I only regret not calling CPS first and letting them sort this out. I wish I had never told my supervisor or my company. Apparently, their only concern is money & not the welfare of individuals. I'm chalking this up as a lesson learned the hard way. I was naive to think that all healthcare providers had some amount of decency. I was dead wrong & I'll deal with whatever comes of this. I'm praying that none of them attempt to mess with my license. If they do, I'm going to be a lot more than mad. If it comes to that, the whole world will know what's going on over there. I'm fed up with being bullied by corporate policies & dishonest people. This has emotionally depleted me.
  7. by   noreenl
    As an agency school nursing supervisor i am extremely proud of you!!! i wish i ceould do more but i want you to know i support you in everything you have done so far. now it is time to take care of you tho. please get in touch with NASN (National Association of School Nurses) chapter in texas and your malpractice attorney for guidance. you will be in my thoughts and prayers. be proud of yourself, you were thinking of those students!!