Notifying Parents

  1. In case of illness or injury, what criteria do you go by in notifying parents? What level of injury or liiness?
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    I'd want my husband to know about all of it.

    But my parents are elderly and I would prefer that my husband break the news.

    Won't they let you inform your parents yourself if you are conscious? Therefore, only inform if you are unable or unaware.
  4. by   AmyB
    I've had my child's school nurse call me for a bump on the head from playing on the playground at recess just so I'd know to be on the lookout for any changes in condition. She knows I'm a nurse and we get along well, so we're comfortable talking "shop". I can see her doing that for any student, even though the injury may seem minor at the time, to educate the parents and help them to be aware.
  5. by   tencat
    Hmmmm.......If it is a large cut or scrape or a big bruise or bump, I'd probably call the parents and give them a 'heads up' that the kid was injured and came to see you. If it involves kids fighting, I think the administration will contact parents, but I would call and follow up with the parents, telling them that the kid was injured in a fight and came to you for treatment. At the very least I'd keep a detailed record of the injuries for possible future use. Schools often have policies for when to contact parents. The principal is the best source of information for that.
  6. by   glenwood
    If I am really busy I do not call about everything. When it is a younger child, like below the third grade I call about almost anything and I make sure I put the child on the phone to talk to a parent. Parents worry more about the little ones and they know the chld better than I do. Sometimes they can tell
    me the child sounds sick or upset and they want to pick them up when I didn't have a clue.

    Think what upsets parents. Cuts on a girl's face that might leave a scar are a biger issue than for boys. An emotionally upset child may not be sick or hurt but the parent needs to know. You never get in trouble for calling too much.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    When my kids were little, I expected to get a call for almost anything. I really appreciated it.
  8. by   sabradie
    I always notify of head bumps, temp over 99.5 vomiting diarrhea, nosebleed(first one), prn's given, anything bleeding, more than a tiny amt. all 2nd visits for SA HA. The head bump thing is a hassle because you could be on the phone all day instead of taking care of kids. I could have 10 minor bumps in one day and some parents even get upset you called.(surely they must be really hurt or why are you calling me you idiot!) I preface it by saying It's the district rule that I call you because of any head bump etc..then write a note home too. I don't remember ever getting called on my kids in elementary, maybe 2 x's surely they visited the nurse more than 2x in a 14 yrs worth of school! ha ha
  9. by   smk1
    I am not a nurse yet, but worked as a school health assistant and the nurse was only in the building 2x per week so I can tell you what our protocol was and what the nurses wanted done. Any head injury of any kind got a note home and phone message left. It was a standardized form that had the s/s of serious head injury printed on it and what to look for and do, also had an area for my to write what the mechanism of injury was, time and what action was taken at the school. It had a carbon copy for me to put in the childs file. I always called ahead to tell the parents what happened and that a note was coming home (the phone call wasn't required, but I thought it made sense). Also the student was required to stay in the health room under my supervision for 30 minutes to watch for problems. As far as the rest... If it were a kindergartener or first grader and they got a cut or scrape/ bruise etc... I always sent a note home if it bled or required a bandaid. If it were a large scrape or bruise etc... i would always phone the parents for the little ones along with the note. If it were a bigger kid coming for a bandaid or small ice pack, probably not a note unless it were a large cut, scrape or bruise. If i saw vomiting or another reputable person saw it a call would go to the parents and the child would go home. Kids coming in not feeling well as a pattern would be a consult with my nurse, the teacher and then parent to see if there is a simple reason, anything further the nurse took care of. Head lice would go home and couldn't go on the school bus, had to have there head checked to come back to school etc... diarrhea call to home and the kid has to go home same with temp of 100.5 or above, though it it were only 100 and the child didn't feel well I would call parent then too. Any major nose bleed I would call the parent and send a note them know about it, if it were really bad then the child would have to be picked up. We had a pretty well defined system from the nurses. Bee stings also i note went home a phone call and observation for 30 minutes in the health room before child could return to class. We had a nice set of about 5 forms that were short and sweet that we used and we had health education fliers for a variety of ailments to attach as a bit more info on s/s of worsening problems, when to call the doc so on and so forth.