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  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one...
    Anyone else seriously lacking in the substitute department? We have 1 sub for 4 schools and she is wonderful she is available 99% of the time but I feel like we need something more permanent. I just hate that I feel like I have to drag myself in to work if I'm really sick or have an emergency because of the students at my school that require my care. This is the ONLY thing that stresses me out.

    Today I had to be THAT parent who sent my not so well child to school and told him to please TRY to make it through the day because I have no coverage (I called the sub nurse to see if she could come in for me and she already picked up time at a facility she volunteers at). I feel awful knowing my kid is at school not feeling the best because I dont have coverage (and it shouldn't be my problem but I also care about the kids in my school and could not leave the number of diabetics we have with out a qualified person caring for them--the way I look at it my son will not die from his bellyache/nausea but the lack of care for my diabetic students is of course life threatening).

    Just curious if any of you have to worry about this? I have a detailed sub plan typed out just in case of a serious emergency that I absolutely cannot come in and they have no substitute
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  3. by   Flare
    i was out last week and part of the week before on bereavement. I could not get coverage. I came in for 3 days after the notice of death before the services to get subs in order and had a hack of a time. My regulars not available. Agencies only providing scant coverage. I mentioned this to me boss several times over the 3 days in was in, even telling him that this was stressing me out more than anything. Do you thing any of the admins would check in with me or try to meet with me to form a contingency plan? No it wasn't until i got home on my last day that I decided to shoot my boss a text about the days what were NOT covered to cover my butt in writing that everything turned into panic and mayhem. It made me feel like i was going to get an earful when i got back - i didn't but still. Hoping the whole experience made them realize that we need to do better. It probably won't.
  4. by   ruby_jane
    I am genuinely sorry for both of you, Flare and Csn.

    Remember that in order to be derelict in your duty you have to take assignment. If you've followed proper channels and the person in charge of you knows you're out you cannot be held to an assignment you're not there to take.

    But that's not your real point. The real point is that nobody cares as much about the job that you do as you do....and nobody can really do that job in the school. Which makes it frustrating when you absolutely have to be there.

    About three years ago I decided that if my administration did not care to fully fund substitute care, then I couldn't care that much, either. I used to only take my religious holidays. Now.....pffft. I'm taking off two days this month to do things I like to do.

    You've done your due diligence. If something happens when you're not there, it's not your fault.
  5. by   peacockblue
    One sub. Six buildings. She is worth more than gold, but if she can't come in or two of us are off, we run between buildings all day. It's poor pay and no one wants to do it.
  6. by   Amethya
    I have the luck of having a company of nurses that send me a sub when I need it, BUT... I had the bad luck of having them not send anyone twice and I'm starting to think this company is not doing a good job on getting someone or they are short staffed.
  7. by   Glitternurse
    Hi all,
    I'm brand new to this board, as well as a brand new school nurse. I'll give you a quick background. I am and have been an LVN for 25 years and I have done a little bit of everything. The district I work for is small five k-6 schools and a preschool. The RN, PHN has been the only nurse for the district forever until my position was created over the summer and filled (with me) at the end of September. The school secretaries are our health clerks for the routine band aid ice pack problems, for something bigger we are called and one of us will go to the site in need. We each spend half a day at 2 sites so 4 sites will have a licensed person on site for half a day twice a week. The District RN and I get along very well, I am still trying to find my way in the more unique situations but all in all I'm fairly comfortable.
    Now to respond to the post. We do not have a sub. Before me if the nurse was not, then there was no nurse, period. Now, with me I cover the whole district if she is out and she goes back to covering everything if I am out. If we both ended up sick and out, then the secretaries would have to take care of whatever came in, if something beyond them presented they would call to send the student home or call 911.