Mrsa ??

  1. Have you had any confirmed cases of MRSA in your schools ?
    We are now dealing with it and people are starting to panic.

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  3. by   Keepstanding
    Quote from Praiser
    Have you had any confirmed cases of MRSA in your schools ?
    We are now dealing with it and people are starting to panic.

    Anyone ?
  4. by   indigo girl
    Praiser, I do not know of any personally. We have been tracking some
    of these cases here:
  5. by   luvschoolnursing
    We've had a few cases as well as many of the school districts around us. It is causing some panic but mostly it has been a good opportunity to educate folks. I have only had 1 parent who was "hysterical" most who have called have just wanted info, which we are getting from working closely with our local health department. BTW, most of the kids I have seen with it are NOT on any sports teams.
  6. by   michigooseBSN
    No cases here, to my knowledge. But lots of scare headlines in the media. SUPERBUG KILLER etc. I have been fielding questions from staff and in addition to giving the correct information I remind them of all the panic over first SARS and then the Bird Flu. MRSA has been around for awhile and while resistant to some of the more common antibiotics, it is in most cases treatable by other antibiotics. It isn't something new, it's just getting new media exposure.
  7. by   amberfnp
    2 confirmed cases in Suffolk, VA schools according to yesterdays news.
  8. by   classicmusic09
    Thank You! That is very true! I used to only hear about cases, in hospitals, or long term care. I totally appreciate, your calm, informative approach, to this!
  9. by   platinum_garb
    i had a confirmed case. the student is out for the time being. it's definitely not a reason to panic. i think the tabloid-like newspaper articles are making people nuts!
  10. by   okschoolnurse
    I find it comical that as school nurses we have been educating on community acquired MRSA for a long time but since the media has decided to publicize it, now everyone is concerned.
    It is a good opportuinty to educate AGAIN because now some are listening.
    This is absolutely NOTHING new and does not require exclusion, just proper treatment. It has actually been misdiagnosed as a spider bite and treated as such for a long time.
    I have a good power point presentation that I use for pta and staff inservices if anyone wants it, I would be happy to share.