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  1. amberfnp

    Emergency Nurse Practitioner Certification

    So will this exam be for people graduating from ENP programs? For those FNPs working in ED will it be experience based only or experience plus exam?
  2. amberfnp

    Dankso/Sanita Break in period?

    So after several years, I finally decided to spend some $$ and buy some Dansko clogs. None of the stores in my area had the color I wanted so I ordered online. After waiting 1 month due to backorder, I'm a bit disappointed as they are too tight acros...
  3. amberfnp

    Primary Care Track clinicals with Emergency doc?

    I cannot speak for the adult/gero primary care but I did graduate from the USA FNP program in Dec 2010. We were only allowed to do ED as an elective area during our last semester. This was limited to a certain # of hours, but you could do extra hours...
  4. amberfnp

    Emergency NP References

    Hello, I am about to begin my first NP position. I will be in the ED. Curious as to what are some easy to navigate and thorough electronic references. My epocrates is soon to expire so before I renew, just looking for other recommendations. I'd like...
  5. amberfnp

    Need info PLEASE!: Least competitive NP schools

    I live in VA and did the USA (University of South AL) program (FNP) as mentioned above. I live in the Hampton Roads area. Sometimes finding a clinical rotation was a bit difficult as there are several NP programs and a PA program in the area and the...
  6. amberfnp

    University of South Alabama NP program

    I wouldn't let the posts here scare you away. As another poster said a lot of forums have negative reviews. Just like other scenarios, a lot of people complain when they are unhappy but don't necessarily share when they have a good experience. I gra...
  7. amberfnp

    NP salary too low?

    I just graduated in Dec and am still job hunting. Here in Hampton Roads, VA, the best offer I've gotten so far is 53k, only 2 weeks PTO, CME (one conference/year), malpractice and a phone. This is for 4 days/week, with call about once/month. I am SOO...
  8. amberfnp

    Lab Interpretation

    I am a new FNP as well and feeling the same way. Here are a couple of links to look at... CBC Electrolytes etc
  9. amberfnp

    VA Medical Center NPs

    Just curious if there are any VA Medical Center NPs out there. I am a new FNP looking for my first NP position. I have applied to my local VA and found out I am only 1 of 2 applicants. I am told they should be calling to schedule interviews this week...
  10. amberfnp

    NP autonomy in the ED setting

    I am a new FNP graduate and have been paying more attention over the last year to the PAs in the ED I work in. I am interested in the ED/urgent care setting too. Like the OP, I see that the doc's all physically see and co-sign all the patients/chart...
  11. amberfnp

    University of South Alabama NP program

    Having graduated from USAs NP program, I can probably tell you who wrote the above statement regarding powerpoints LOL Anyways, compared to what appeared to be available to watch/listen to on mediasite, we really didn't utilize it much at all. The ot...
  12. amberfnp

    Selecting Fitzgerald studying guide

    In my above post when I mentioned the workbook that comes with the CDs, that is a different book than what you can buy in the bookstore/Amazon etc. There is one specific to the CDs and live review course that you cannot buy individually. I found both...
  13. amberfnp

    Selecting Fitzgerald studying guide

    I used CDs and books...I liked them both. As for the CDs, if you choose to purchase them, check ebay and amazon. I bought a Hollier set of CDs off of ebay for $100 less than the APEA website and after I downloaded them to my computer for my ipod and ...
  14. amberfnp

    Dual Certification~AANP & ANCC~Worth it?

    Hello all, I will be taking the FNP exam through AANP this month. Assuming I pass the AANP, I have considered taking advantage of the ANCC certification via reciprocity which will no longer be offered after Dec 31, 2010. But it is pricey! Does anyo...
  15. amberfnp

    Didn't pass aanp...

    verysadmsn When you say go back to basics...would you say it's best to start by reviewing our assessments books or a general medical dx and treatment book? (We used Mcphee Current Medical Dx and Treatment~it was like the bible LOL) Not trying to sou...