Just looking for some encouragement

  1. Started a new job at a new school in August and having a hard time fitting in with the staff and culture here. Seems like all the teachers have been here forever, along with the previous nurse, so being the new kid on the block has been challenging. Not having any specific issues, just wondering how you usually handle a new crowd? Teachers are just an "interesting" group to work with as a nurse anyway.
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  3. by   coughdrop.2.go
    Yes they are! Just remember to put your foot down! I had a lot of teachers tell me, "The last Nurse always/did this/let me/...." I kindly let them know that those were the beliefs or practices of the last Nurse. These are my beliefs and practices. One of the biggest issues was the Medical Alert List. I understand the last Nurse created that list and submitted it to the entire school. However, doing so is a violation of FERPA and I will not continue that practice. I will let you know if any students in YOUR class has any health concerns. It's frustrating, but remember this is your ship and you are the Captain. A lot of teachers also seem to believe that I work for them and not with them as a colleague. Also, talk with your Administration and see if they can back you up. Good luck and stay strong
  4. by   OldDude
    kenderella89 nailed it.....I replaced a school nurse who retired after 26 or 27 years - I don't remember exactly. The first week I was there a teacher occupied my door and said she did not agree with me returning a child to her classroom and brought up the whole last nurse didn't do yadda yadda. I reminded her the last nurse had retired and it was my nursing judgement the child wasn't contagious and would remain in her classroom as long as there was no sign of illness. That was 13 years ago. That teacher is gone and I'm still here. "Smile and wave!" But be firm!!
  5. by   100kids
    It's not easy to fit in especially when the Nurse before you was practically an institution. I know but it does get better with each passing year. The first year they are not sure fi they like and trust you. I had a few I thought really disliked me but now we are friends. Being the new kid is never easy but make sure you set the rules of your office and don't let them push you around. The previous nurse here did so many things I don't agree with and by now they know that I have kept what I thought worked well and changed what I didn't think was good. Hang in there and give it time. If they have a Holiday breakfast or a Birthday Club join those. It helps to make you one of the crew.
  6. by   Wave Watcher
    I always do my Kramer impression when I come through the door. It's taken me 3 years but the teachers are warming up to me! ;-)

  7. by   shsnurse
    I agree just put your foot down! Every once in awhile I still here the last nurse did this or that...I just smile and continue my way. In the hospital it is the nurses territory and the school belongs to the teachers so we are just the support. sometimes I find myself repeating myself often to get certain points across..i.e what is emergent versus nonemergent. When I was out for a couple of days they realized how much they needed me and how much I really do soooooo now it All smiles and greetings from most staff members lol!
  8. by   Nurse ABC
    The statement about teachers thinking we work for them is SO true!! Not all of them but several. Stand up for yourself, be super nice but firm, and go out of your way to talk to the teachers and get to know them so when you have to do something they aren't thrilled with they won't freak out as bad. Make it a point to eat lunch with them, go to their room instead of always calling, ask them questions about themselves, etc. Also always be respectful even if you don't agree.