Job Interview Today!

  1. Had my job interview today for a new position in my home district. I think it went well but it's hard to tell. I should know by Wednesday. I did find out that the building my office would be in is the same one that my daughters attend.

    I gave my director and lead nurses a heads up since they will be contacted tomorrow by the interview committee and I'm feeling horribly guilty. I don't know why! Maybe because I've only been there a year? Or because I don't want it to be awkward if I don't get the new job and I go back to my current job in the fall?
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  3. by   WineRN
    Fingers Crossed.

    I always felt guilty asking my current employer to give me a reference for somewhere else.
  4. by   KKEGS
    I feel like people change jobs all the time these days so I shouldn't feel bad but I do. My husband moves every few years because he really enjoys being challenged by new ways of doing things. This new district uses its school nurses in a very different way and is much more focused on case management and writing policies and things which is what I want! Fingers crossed!
  5. by   kidzcare
    Sending good vibes your way!
  6. by   MHDNURSE
    I would feel awkward too, but at least it sounds like this job would be an obvious move for you since it is in your own home district. That is a HUGE plus. I have a friend who just put in for a transfer to a satellite clinic of her current hospital, and is worried about the same thing with her current supervisor. Her commute will be cut in HALF. That is huge when you commute every day. I would just try and hold on to the fact that working in your home district is kind of a no brainer and is not a reflection of how bad or good your current position is. Best of luck- hope it's good news for you!
  7. by   scuba nurse
    Good luck!

    Don't feel guilty! In education, people change schools all the time!
  8. by   Jacquipals
    I had an interview yesterday and was offered the job. I don't plan on giving my current supervisor as a reference because he will not be happy about me leaving and I still have six more weeks here. Good luck!
  9. by   KKEGS
    Quote from scuba nurse
    Good luck!

    Don't feel guilty! In education, people change schools all the time!
    Yeah. I realized that yesterday when my elementary school got an email from our tech department reminding all staff who are leaving to turn in their Chromebooks and other devices and wishing us well on our new adventures.

    I did speak with my director today about an unrelated issue but she did wish me good luck and says she understands why I want to switch to my home district and that we all make accommodations for our children. She knows it's less money than I currently make but my husband is on board and of course my kids are thrilled. I also work a PRN hospital job and I would continue to do that anyway no matter my school salary.
  10. by   AndrewCraigRN
    Not a big deal to ask for a reference. It's professional to do so. I'm sure they appreciate your honesty and being in the loop so they can plan accordingly. It's the natural progression for people to come and go so quickly in this profession. It seems like anymore 1 year is a long time r/t burnout and other reasons.

    So, did you get the job?