How long do you keep your records?

  1. This is my second year at this school, and I am looking at a TON of old records. They are anywhere from 5-15 years old, and I was just wondering how long I need to keep these... My school is located in TN. Any help would be nice!
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  3. by   parkay
    our school has a record retention policy of 5 yrs.
  4. by   nursebooboo
    hmmm, so I wonder if it's just up to the school how long you keep them. I am not aware of a policy that says how long I have to keep them. I've been told several different things... but five years sounds like enough time......
  5. by   NutmeggeRN
    I keep immunization records ad infinitum (cannot tell you now many kids go to grad school later in life and their pediatrician has moved, died destroyed records). We are on computer, so when I run the final Iz certificates for graduates, I keep a copy and just file by YOG. When students graduate, I shred the record...if there is any ? of legal action or other significant issues (dont wanna jinx myself but so far in 18 years, ok there) I hang on to the record. As some kids transfer a lot between districts, I always keep a copy of their most recent physical and Iz record. I hang onto those until they are 21 and store them by year of birth and then shred accordingly. The reason being is that "Someone" (any school ditrict they happen to be living in) is responsible for them till they are 21 or graduated.
  6. by   100kids
    We have a record retention policy that mirrors what the state requires. Some things we are required to keep for 1 year, some 6 years after they leave the school, some records forever. I would check with your state on this or if your district has a data person they would probably have any regulations on this you need.
  7. by   nursebooboo
    Yea, the immunization records are not kept in my office (thank goodness) <-- I have enough other stuff to keep up with! haha. I guess the main things I'm talking about are just a simple visit to my office, where I have a little slip of paper, time in and time out, student name, teacher, what was wrong, and what I done about it..... I have a LOT of those. So that's where all the clogging up of my office is occuring I've went through a lot of it today, and it's looking MUCH better
  8. by   classicdame
    keep the transcripts only. The final one. And a copy of your degree. This is especially handy if you ever change your name.
  9. by   CHESCCRP
    You could always scan them and keep the scanned files within your email. They would be offsite and not likely to be lost in your home.
  10. by   BettyGirard
    Student records follow the students from school to school until they leave the school system and then they usually get destroyed the next year. Other non-individualized records appear to stay forever until someone decides they need to clean the place up.
  11. by   lilcece363
    We have to send them to the board of education, the Coordinated School Health keeps them filed. I'm also in TN