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I'm a pre nursing student finishing up my pre reqs for nursing school. I'll be applying Spring of 2012. I am terrified of not getting in. As of now my GPA is only a 2.895 but I still have two full semesters to go before I apply. I have a C in A&P 1 and a B in A&P 2. I haven't taken Micro yet, I'm taking it next fall. I'll have a B in Probability and Statistics. To make it short I've gotten all A's and B's since I started back to college, for a while I lost focus and that's why my GPA is so low. Do I even have a chance? Is there anything I can do outside of academics to up my chances of getting in? I'm in East TN, and I'll be applying to Milligan College. I can't find any information on what the GPA cutoff is for their program.

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Check with the school's policy when it comes to repeating the science classes. If it is okay (meaning they will take the later score) you should seriously consider retaking AP1 and get an A. Also- make sure you get an A in Micro. The A/Ps and Micro are really important and the higher the grade in these courses the better your chances are going to be.


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If your gpa is low then work on other qualities and make them look good like volunteer/cna experience or if there is a reason why your gpa got low simply state it and they will understand. Good luck!


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The nursing schools i have checked stated that students can only repeat one prerequisite.

Check with the nursing schools your interested in. I would make sure the classes i take next be A"s and B"s


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You will need to find out how they pick the students who get in the program. Our local University ONLY factors in the GPA of the SCIENCE courses. So you may want to check that out for the school you are interested in..


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I called Milligan today and sent them my transcript, the adviser I spoke with said she would review them and then she would call me and I would come in and we will make a schedule as far as classes I need to take ect. I think Milligan does their nursing school admissions a little different from other colleges. I can't be sure though because the link to the handbook is broken :/ thanks for all the replies. I'm definitely going to look into retaking A&P 1 although the thought of it makes me want to pull my hair out. I still have my book so at least I wouldn't have to buy another one.

If you're trying to enter a BSN program, I think your chances are not terribly great. NS is competitive, not just because there are many qualified applicants, but the next 2 years will be tough. Admissions is looking to see if an applicant shows "potential". You really need a higher GPA to show them you're worthy.


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I know I need a much higher GPA, as I said in my post I still have 2 semesters before I apply.


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Just as an update...I had a meeting with Milligan and was urged to apply for Fall 2011 and so I did. I got accepted into the nursing program. My cumulative GPA when I got accepted was 3.1, and my GPA for the current semester was 3.7. Since I finished up my summer classes my cumulative GPA went up to a 3.2. I just wanted to post this update because I was feeling so defeated after reading the replies to the post. I didn't feel like I had any chance at all to be a nurse, felt like I had completely blown it. Yes my GPA is low compared to some of the other nursing students that will be entering Fall 2011, but with Milligan College, staying in contact with your academic advisor and showing a genuine interest in the school and their nursing program will get you a long way, it's a way to stand out against the other applicants in a unique way. Oh, and the reason I ended up applying early is because a lot of the classes I thought I needed that were required to transfer actually weren't. Just to clear that up! :D


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Always like hearing a story about beating the odds. Glad you didn't let the "hive" dissuade you from applying.

It makes sense (that you got in) if you think about it: everyone on "has a 4.0" the schools all have an average entering GPA of 3.3-3.7, so there has to a a 3.0 to offset each if the 4.0's to keep the averages hovering around 3.5.

Good luck in your program!!!


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you and i are literally on the same boat. I too have a 2.895 gpa, and im currenty attending a county college. Im trying to get into the nursing program of felician college in spring 2012. The only way to boost our gpa to a 3.0 at least is to take 12 credits and literally get nothing less than a b+, or repeat classes you did bad in, or graduate w an associates degree with any major, and when you move to a new school you will have a fresh 4.0 gpa.