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This could come in handy. I bookmarked it.


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Good info. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

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A little hint

Stay away from toronto


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I know you were just probably trying to make a joke, but as a nurse that works in a Toronto emerg dept, who has been working with SARS cases over the last two months as they came in, and who was hoping that this outbreak was over, I find the statement above quite tasteless. :(


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I just read that the researchers have found that the civet cat is a reservoir for the SARS virus. Apparently they are considered an exotic delicacy in asia.

There are several kinds of civets. It is pursued by humans, who kil them for damaging orchards and plantations. Its feces are used in coffee made in Indonesia. The name Toddy cat comes from the name for wine that comes from the sap of the palm tree: toddy. The palm civet feeds on this sap


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This is very unfortunate.

I may never drink another cup of Kopi Luwak, again.




Any front line change from the latest events, or were y'all already in full "new-normal" status?


Toronto SARS Information:

Travel Alert Reinstated: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(Released May 23, 2003, 4:00 PM)

Airport's SARS screening devices stalled

Saturday, May 24, 2003

SARS hits St. Mike's

May. 25, 2003. 08:29 AM

New SARS fears put 1,000 in quarantine

May. 24, 2003. 02:30 PM


General SARS Information


Tom Buckley, M.D.:

Paul Caulford, M.D.:,946013,00.html

New England Journal of Medicine:

Online book:

International News:

Canadian News:

my friend (who used to be a very frequent user of this board) works in the hospital where the lastest outbreak has occured, she is terrified, has to only go to work and come straight home , her co workers are staffing the SARS floor, some people she works with have been admitted to hospital ,there are strict rules in place re -visiting , and she has to do her 12 hour shifts in complete garb. They are understaffed and the patients are acutely ill. In addition she has to take so many phonecalls from family members who are not allowed to visit. Each patient admitted with COPD Or pneumonia is placed on respiratory isolation as a precuation , so just imagine that.

I also find the "stay away from toronto" offensive

and I hope no one here has to deal with this up close and personal the way my colleagues in toronto do.

please send your friend a hug from me sedate_me_stat.... that is rough.....

toronto rn

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To give you an idea of the serious attitude taken towards the SARS outbreak in Toronto, log on to and go to the SARS news report and click on unedited video. This will give you the latest updates recorded live.


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Well I for one, thank you nurses dealing with SARS on the front lines. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It must be HELL for you!

It could be ANY of us, anywhere, Tom, even deep in the heart of Texas, Heaven forbid. I would hate the thought of bringing home such a disease to my precious kids and husband; my heart quakes at the thought. Therefore, to me, Jokes and trite remarks are uncalled-for in the face of such a serious crisis.


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5,000 are in Quarantine. A school has closed.

Hospitals are in infectious disease mode.

The Canadian health care establishment has been concealing the true extent of SARS.

There is no reason not to visit Toronto.

Y'all come visit - ya hear?

Focus on tourism exacts a high price

May. 29, 2003. 01:00 AM

Hong Kong shows us how to combat SARS

May. 29, 2003. 01:00 AM

Nurses demand danger pay

May. 29, 2003. 08:02 AM

SARS lessons easily forgotten

May. 29, 2003. 01:00 AM

SARS kills man who went to work

May. 29, 2003. 06:54 AM.

The WHO is behind Canada 1000%.

See if you can find the "gotcha" in the WHO travel table in regard to travel to and from Canada:

To your health -


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