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hi Guys, I am just so depressed that after 1 year of being a nurse I feel that everywhere there is a nursing shortage. Wherever I think of applying the nurse patient ration is high and seems unfair. I am tired of my current job where I bust my butt so much every day and does not seem to make a different first, in my pay, which is low compare to other places and then to the hospital that just cares about cutting the budget and not staffing enough nurses.

I am tired. Another issue is while trying to finish a BSN and getting another job is so hard!!! no time for orientation. I just don't want to walk out of my job next week because I will loose it! thanks of listening to my whining guys.


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It's hard. Just remember how much your skill & knowledge are appreciated by patients. There, unfortunately, will always be the burueacracy around the corner, breathing down your neck. Keep your chin up.

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Hang in there Pamelita:kiss

In some ways, things do get easier after the first year. Your clinical skills get sharper, your judgement more sound, and your confidence need to be in a job that supports that growth.

With work and school, I'm sure you have little time for anything else. Still looking for a place of employment that would be less stressful/ more supportive would be a good idea, worth the effort.

First nursing jobs aren't always a good fit.....kinda like new shoes. You often have to try a few on in your first years till you get one that doesn't give you blisters.

Good luck with your studies. I hope you find a place that deserves you!


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Hang in there, Pamelita. it is never easy to work AND go to school, particularly in nursing. Keep your hopes high, hang in there and do the best you can. But don't get burnt out if you can help will be no good to yourself or anyone else. You may have to prioritize to keep it sane. Good luck.


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Sorry you feel this way.Always look at the bright side of things even how hard the suituation is.Remember,This woun't last forever and Iam sure you'll pull through.Hang in there...natur011.gif

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Never say you don't make a difference. It may feel that way, but it is not true.


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I definitely agreee with those posters who suggested looking for another job. There's got to be another hospital in your area that would love to have you. I've been an RN for almost 6 years now and my current job is the 4th position I've held as an RN.

Don't give up. We need caring individuals such as yourself. Managementjust doesn't get it sometimes.

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I am sorry to hear of your woes. It is a shame you don't live in St.Louis. My hospital, well my Tele floor, has a highest ratio 4:1 on days and 5:1 on eve/noc. We are very flexible with scheduling and get double time for any extra weekend shift (we work every 3rd weekend and double time shifts are included in your regular hours- so you can work the same but get paid more:roll

NOt to sound like a recruiter (NEVER!) but we have great incentive programs and a lucrative loan forgiveness program.

I am very proud of the hospital I work in. During these hard times of working as a staff nurse, we are sitting pretty HERE!

Good Luck! Maybe there is a similar hospital in FL


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Just by reading your replies I feel better :)

I worked yesterday and well, it was a pretty hectic day. The only thing I enjoy about my workplace are my co-workers they are the best and that's probably the only reason that I am staying, however everything else sucks pretty much. Today I am going job-hunting there is a very interesting internship in a way bigger hospital and its also a teaching hospital. The internship is to rotate through 15 different units in the course of a year, I think that is so cool because you could see different things. After that you have the choice to pick wherevere you want or if you like a floor during the rotating process you can stay there.

Hopefully it work out w/school. Thanks for listening, this website its so great !!!

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I would have LOVED to rotate through 15 different units...I got to rotate through two, which was still nice. Plus I worked in another area in school, and had an internship somewhere else...but!

I think it's a good idea...that way you can try a lot of different areas and "get it out of your system." Then you can find what you really like, and what you don't don't have to wonder, and then waste time, money, and sanity job-hopping. :)

Good luck!


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It sounds as though at the moment everything is overwheliming for you - Understand this feeling visit the place often

Then l try and sort out the little chuncks and tackle the small bits so l can get through thge whole

Your probably managing a lot better than you think - It sounds as though you have good supportive work mates and that it really a precious thing

Good luck

hang in there value yourself


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