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So I know this type of thing has been posted about time and time again constantly...and I'm not looking for any replies...this is just a rant (which is what this website is for!)

I'm starting an RPN program in 2 weeks (RPN is in Canada, its a full 2 year program, like the ADN program except its not a degree, its a diploma and they are called RPNs not RNs. Kind of like LPN but we have very little restrictions on scope of practice here and as i said the program is 2-2.5 years)

ANYWAY, a good friend of mine is going into her second year of the BScN program (RN). She keeps making comments like she already thinks RNs are better than RPNs. She said to me, "When you come to school, watch out for me and my BScN friends...we make fun of the RPNs. And in clinical, if there's a patient to be toileted or a bed to be made, we just call for the RPN...that's what they're for. Us RN students dont do stuff like that"

Then today, I told her I chose my first semester placement to be at the nursing home that she currently works at as a PSW (same thing as a CNA). I asked her what nursing home her first placement would be in (BScN students dont start placement until second year), and she was like "Oh, we don't do nursing homes...we go right into the hospitals. All our placements are in the hospitals. RNs don't work in nursing homes.." I was like um, yes they do..I know many RNs who work in nursing homes. I asked her how they RN students learn basic care like toileting and stuff...she she was like "Well RNs dont really do that stuff..." Maybe not as much, but they still do it. Its part of patient care.

Then she was like, yeah beware of my co-workers at the nursing home...they hate me and treat me like crap because I am a nursing student. But they probably wont be mean to you since you're only an RPN student...

And just other little things like I was talking about being excited to learn a task in school and she was like "Oh, RPNs dont do that stuff..". It just irritates me. She has completed one year of nursing and she acts like she knows everything about nursing, the scope of practice for RPNs. Also anytime anyone says they have certain symptoms she also jumps in and acts like she knows what is wrong....even though she's only done one year of school.

Anyway, rant over. Thanks for listening.

Ask her how her job is going when she graduates I think she's in for a big shock! I'm in Australia but it was my understanding that all the jobs are for RPNs in Canada these days.

Andrea: your post illustrates how much YOU don't know about Practical Nurses in your own nation. The scope of practice is very similar in most provinces. Ultimately it depends on how much your health region permits you to utilize your skills. Alberta also has a two+ year education base. In fact the current curriculum is based on the old diploma RN course in this province.

Ontario is the ONLY province that uses the RPN designation.

They are not "kind of like LPNs". They ARE LPNs.

Western Canada uses RPN to designate Registered Psychiatric Nurse, a specialized programme for educating RNs with a psychiatric major.

Your friend in the degree programme is in for a major eye opening when she does her first practical placement.

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Fiona, I was referring to LPNS as they are known in the US...which are very different. I was trying to explain the difference to someone in the US who may not know what an RPN is...but thank you.

I would say that you need a different "good friend".

If she is that good of a friend I would tell her that all of the lively debate between you has gotten out of hand, and that you agree to support each other in whatever paths you choose.

If she can't do that, and you can't do that, then time to move on and find alternate friends.

Don't get caught up in all of this. You need to concentrate on your schooling and your future.

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I definitely agree. I just find it amusing that a student who knows little about the profession could say such things, and I could notice a prejudice before I even begin school. I already feel passionate about advocacy for RPNs and am very happy with my choice to become one (hopefully!)

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LOL I think for one year of nursing, I doubt she knows anything about the RPN scope of practice. If you ever need anything Andrea, use these boards or the AN FB group - there are quite a few awesome RPNs that can help with anything:)

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I'm with jadelpn on this one. I sort of expect my good friends not to belittle me all in the name of good fun. They don't have to gush their support over my every choice but this one seems to have a cutting edge to it.

If it gets really bad we can show you how to make fake poop to freak her out. Just kidding. I would never do that. That would be unprofessional and there are some recipes on youtube.

The concept of the RPN is interesting to me and seems to make sense when comparing ADN Vs BSN (calling them both RNs). Given that. **** them. ADNs are just many times more amazing than most bsns here in the states imo. All they can do is teach or be a nurse manager vs an ADN and make the same cash in the mean time. screw that till your ready

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