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Round 2


Well guys on Tuesday I will diving back into the books to study for NCLEX-RN once again. I have decide to take the whole month of sept. off so I can give NCLEX my undivided attention. I really want and need to pass this time around. So..... If anyone has any extra study tips I would love for u to share them. My plan is to read my Hurst book at least 4 times, do all the question on the hurst website, do Saunders, Lacharity, and if I still have access to Kaplan I will go back through the videos and questions on there...

i only used kaplan to study but i've heard good things about those other reviews. what helped me to study was to focus on each section at a time. i would listen to videos for health promotion and maintenance for example, take notes, and then do qbank questions for that section only to see how much i was actually retaining/understanding. i also looked at questions to see if i was getting them wrong because i didn't know the content or i didn't understand the question/how to answer it

i know that's probably irrelevant with the other study reviews but i'd focus on your weak areas first and whether you need to review content more or strategies

good luck to you!!!

If you paid for Kaplan, you will still have access. They have a money back guarantee, so call them, tell them you failed and they will offer either a refund, or for you to repeat the course.

I agree with RNJoy, focus on weak areas


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I used Kaplan until my head hurt then used a few NCLEX study books I had acquired through friends because they were written in a different way than Kaplan and it gave my burnt out brain a break.

I found that doing these really helped with my content because they would spend chapters on specific areas (such as L&D) and I could pick and choose what I felt weak in. They also upped my confidence in the weeks before I sat for mine because I scored way better on these books than Kaplan. So I guess my advice is trust whatever main book/site you wish but using a variety of other sources will help your critical thinking because they are all worded differently :) Good Luck!

Hurst is good for content, kaplan is good too with videos and questions! I'd suggest do 75-100q/day read the rationales too :) read my post! I hope it helps! Good luck! You can do this!

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For my second go round that I passed I literally read the ENTIRE Saunders 6th Edition book except maybe 3 chapters in Fundamentals and used Kaplan Focused Test Reviews and used the Saunders 5th Edition software to do more focused reviews after each chapter in the book...

Make post its saying "I Will Pass" or things like "Your Name, RN, BSN" - This will motivate you during your studies. Also, in regards to studying tools, try to use only ONE type of studying tool, whether it is Kaplan or Hurst. Each tool has its own style and learning from too many different ones may not be helpful.

Thanks guys!! I will be spending 6hrs daily reviewing content and doing questions and taking notes on the ones I missed.