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  1. RN-joy

    Tips for a New Grad

    I just passed the NCLEX this past August and will be starting my first real job as an RN on a post-surgical stepdown floor in October As excited as I am, I am also definitely nervous! Just looking for any tips, words of wisdom, or advice from all the experienced nurses out there or others who are starting their nursing careers as well
  2. RN-joy

    lets start playing SATA

    i used this site to practice SATA, hope it helps someone! Review Content Select - NCLEX-RN 3500 - Institutional Version
  3. RN-joy

    NCLEX review

    i felt the same way when i was reviewing that i wouldn't remember anything but you'll be surprised how much you do retain. make sure you're consistently going over your notes/review book and doing questions/reading rationales to reinforce what you're reviewing if you're a visual learner like me youtube videos, mnemonics, and pictures really help also!
  4. RN-joy

    NCLEX review

    i think its really important when you're reviewing to make sure you're understanding the content and not just memorizing (although certain information, like lab values, you do just have to memorize) for example hyperthyroidism can cause you to loose weight and have an increased sensitivity to heat. instead of just memorizing that information understand why...the thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism. if its hyper--that means metabolism is increased and when that happens you lose weight. the person is sensitive to heat because again, your metabolism is increased meaning your body is working overtime once you know and understand basic information such as this it helps answering questions....for example if you had a question what should you do for this patient 1) give them extra blankets 2) give them extra finger foods 3) take their temperature 4) provide oral liquids go through each answer choice. 1- you wouldn't give them extra blankets because they're sensitive to heat. 2) makes sense to give them extra finger foods because their metabolism is in overdrive and they're losing weight 3) important assessment but not as important as making sure the patient is maintaining weight and 4) again patient needs calories not liquids so answer choice 2 would be correct once you understand one disease you can usually understand the other. what i mean by this is that hypothyroidism then is just the opposite (increased sensitivity to cold, decreased metabolism---gaining weight) hope that helps!
  5. RN-joy

    Failed my nclex

    i'm sorry to hear you didn't pass, but don't give up! wait for your cpr and look at what areas you were passing and what areas you weren't doing as well in. i'd also take some time off before getting straight into studying again i've read countless posts from others on here who have failed multiple times before passing. you are not the only one. the next time around you'll know what to expect in terms of questions and how the exam is formatted, and you'll have a better idea whether you need to focus on content or strategies take some time off but don't give up! you can pass this test!
  6. RN-joy

    Kaplan diagnostic score very bad

    i only got a 52 on my diagnostic and a 50 on my readiness test. i was getting 48-52 highest on my qtrainers 1-4 before i started doing any content review i was discouraged too but don't focus on your score! what matters now is that you realize what areas you need to review. i did content review for each section and then qbank questions and by the end i was getting above 60's on the last 3 qtrainers, which is where kaplan wants you to be at don't worry about your scores now but how they improve as you do content review and questions
  7. RN-joy

    NJ ATT

    did you submit the application already? and go through the criminal background check and all that. i took the nclex in nj also on the 15th. it took about 3 weeks for me to get the att. i wasn't in a rush to get it so i just waited until i got the email, but some of my friends needed to take the nclex sooner and called pearsonvue/nj board of nursing multiple times everyday asking about it. some of them did get their att after 2 weeks, so i think pestering them does help! good luck!! also i had trouble finding this so just passing it on----to find your license number online in nj: https://newjersey.mylicense.com/verification/Search.aspx nj is really slow with everything though! i passed but am still waiting for my license to show up
  8. RN-joy

    Round 2

    i only used kaplan to study but i've heard good things about those other reviews. what helped me to study was to focus on each section at a time. i would listen to videos for health promotion and maintenance for example, take notes, and then do qbank questions for that section only to see how much i was actually retaining/understanding. i also looked at questions to see if i was getting them wrong because i didn't know the content or i didn't understand the question/how to answer it i know that's probably irrelevant with the other study reviews but i'd focus on your weak areas first and whether you need to review content more or strategies good luck to you!!!
  9. RN-joy

    Kaplan Videos

    i think it really depends on what kind of learner you are. i only used kaplan to study and i purchased their video/qtrainer/qbank/ebook review. i tried reading through the ebook but i get distracted easily and really wasn't retaining anything from it. i learn better when i listen/take my own notes. the videos are VERY long and boring and most are 2-4 hours each section so keep that in mind. i forced myself to sit and listen to them all of them and take notes. i really learned a lot that way from what i can tell, the ebook has a lot more important information to know but the videos are informative and go through the main ideas without all the details the ebook has. i was alittle worried about this but my opinion was that you can't know everything for this test and there was no way i was going to memorize everything anyway so i made sure to just know what was gone over in the videos i took the nclex on the 15th and passed. videos were a really good review for me but again, i think it really depends on you and what works better for review and if you have the time/attention to listen to all the videos. hope that helps, good luck!
  10. RN-joy

    Nervous for NCLEX

    i only used kaplan to study so i can't say anything about saunders, but good luck to you!! and congrats on NICU!
  11. RN-joy

    Kaplan Peopl

    i was only getting 48-52 on my question trainers before i started reviewing content. after reviewing i got 65, 67, and 61 on the last three qtrainers. i finished all of qbank with 60%, i got mid 50s-low 60s on the tests for the most part. i also passed nclex kaplan recommends you get 60s on everything, which you seem to be at or around. i'd also look at your scores and see if you've been consistent or getting better. i still didn't feel ready for the exam the day before but i decided to go through with it seeing how i went from 52 on my readiness to where kaplan recommends for the last qtrainers good luck!!
  12. RN-joy

    I just took my NCLEX today...

    i took the nclex on the 15th and it shut off at 85 questions. i was worried too because pretty much everyone said that they had majority SATA and i had only 5-6, no math, 2 drag and drops so i agree, not getting a lot of SATA doesn't mean anything! hoping you passed!
  13. RN-joy

    Help!! Failed NCLEX RN

    you mentioned that all of the content was familiar, but that you answered all of the questions to the best of your ability. it sounds like you knew what the topic was or what the question was asking for the most part but maybe didn't know how to choose the best answer if content isn't what you really need then i would focus more on strategy and answering as many practice questions as you can. i used kaplan and did all of their questions and it really helped me on the actual nclex good luck!!
  14. RN-joy

    HELP!!! Which is the first? stop oxytocin? change position?

    Don't mean to confuse you, but I took kaplan and with late decelerations you want to stop the oxytocin first. LATE DECELERATIONS: occur after the contraction peak---can be caused by things like placenta previa/abruptio/ pregnancy induced htn---means that there is uteroplacental deficiency. want to stop oxytocin and then position on left side VARIABLE DECELERATIONS: occur anytime during the contraction---indicates chord compression---this is relieved by a change in the maternal position - so variable deceleration is the one you want to change maternal position first. if the variable contractions are prolonged then you want to give oxygen and discont oxytocin EARLY DECELERATIONS: occur before the peak of a contraction---indicates fetal head compression --can occur during labor when the baby is being pushed out late decelerations are the worst sign of fetal distress and require immediate intervention i took and passed the nclex but i didn't have questions on this so i don't know if nclex thinks differently, but i memorized what kaplan said
  15. RN-joy

    studying content vs practicing questions?

    i agree with what's been said. i would review in the morning and then do practice questions to see how much you're actually retaining and able to apply the information. i was overwhelmed as well looking at everything but i also broke the topics down. for the first few days i would review one topic and only do questions for that section, then move to the next topic good luck!!
  16. RN-joy

    Passed nclex 2nd time with 265 questions!!!!!