Roll Call 2013?


Have we done a roll call yet for LVN programs for 2012-2014?

Name (if you want)



Start date

Length of program

Graduation date

General overall feeling so far?

I'll go --

Mom of six (yes, six kids)



December '12

15 months

March-April '14




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Mom & wife


OCVTS (nj)

Starts sept 2013

10 months

Ends July 2014

Excited; nervous; anxious... Cannot wait to start this journey!

Are you doing anything to prepare or get organized ??


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I started back in December. My first semester is almost over (another month or so). TIME MANAGEMENT which you will hear a hundred times. If you get behind it's like a rolling snowball out of control! Other than that - I enjoy it so far. Not crazy about the long term care rotation, but I am trying to look at it like I can learn from any situation even though it might not be my favorite. :)

pookyp, LPN

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Wife and Mom of 1 kid.



STarted December 2012

12 months

December 2013

I like it! A lot of work so far, but not impossible!


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Kelsey (furbabies only)


PITC -Glenside PA

Start March 2013

12 month full time program

Graduate March-April 2014

I'm nervous but very excited to start. I'm sure my tune might be different in a few months ;)


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Mother of 3 boys and 2 furbabies


Jefferson Lewis BOCES

Started January 2013

Graduate January 2014

Program length 10 months (summer off)

Feeling good and doing great ;)


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I'm a mom of 4 and a CCA



Started Feb 2013

18 months

Grad Nov 2014

Its crazy busy. I wouldn't say difficult just a lot of work.


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Wife and mom of 2

Bullard havens tech( CT)

Started Aug. 2012

Graduate Jan. 2014

So far its overwhelming and I don't ever have enough time for anything..but I have my eye on the prize..LPN

FutureGARN, RN

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Brewster Tech (FL)

Start June 2013

Graduate Aug 2014

14 month program

Nervous yet excited at the same time. Can't wait to begin this journey.

Has 5 years experience.

There is one but too many posts we could use a new one lol

Mother of two

LPN Diploma

Lincoln Technical Instittute

August 8th 2012

13 Months

September 10th

Is this realy nursing school? I heard it was supposed to be hard, studying, and busting out sweat not being passed through and having take home exams. Other than that, I am excited about clinicals coming back up, me being a junior, and graduating in 5 months :)


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Mother of two.. wife

LPN Associates and Diploma

St Paul College

Started Jan 2013

Graduate December 2013

Summer off

CRAZY BUSY Full time Program, excited, happy to be on my way, 5 more weeks until finals and then Clinical I begins.. Can't wait for that.


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Mother of 3

AP Tech

Start March 2013

12 month program

Graduate March 2014

Well were do I start...nervous & excited at the same. This is a HUGE transition. I left my job of over 6 years to go back to school full-time. This is only 1 of 2 LPN progams in the area and they only accept 20 students at a time! I feel so blessed to have been chosen. No stop'n me now!

Good luck everyone!