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I'm just starting to look into RN-BSN programs, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Ohio University's Online program? I'd like to know the good, bad, and the ugly about the program and the instructors. When problems arise are they dealt with quickly and easily? I work 3-12's on straight nights in a very busy CVICU at a major medical center in Ohio.

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I am just finishing up my BSN. Just finished my last class. Pros 5 week classes, they accepted almost all my credits, some were 30 years old. Con's too much emphasis on APA and some tempermental TA's. The professors introduce themselves and that is the last you hear from them. The TA's (teacher assistance) are the ones who grade your assignments and they all have MSN's. I felt there was too much emphasis on APA and not enough on the nursing part IMO. It took me 14 months and I took 15 classes. 9 nursing classes and the rest electives


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I have completed all 9 nursing classes and 3 gen ed classes so far. I have three gen ed classes left. Woodsyny is right about the APA! I liked the 5 week format and only having to focus on one class at a time. I have found this journey to be very time consuming but doable. I know of a few coworkers who are in a different program and I have to say I like OU better. My biggest pet peeve was "changes" they would make to assignments on Tuesday or Wednesday. Other than that, not too shabby. Overall a great experience. I can almost feel that BSN in my hands!!!!


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I'm getting close to being done. I had to take a boat load of classes, I'm an older nurse so a lot of my credits from my diploma program didn't transfer over. I will have taken 21 classes when I am done. I like the 5 week format. I like that the nursing classes are mapped out 2 years ahead, so you can plan. But the gen ed and other required courses aren't mapped ahead, so it is hard to plan. I've taken some gen ed at other colleges and have had no problem transferring them in. In the 5 week format you can take one at a time and get 3 done in a semester. Some folks took 2 at a time. I'm doing 3 this semester, 2 15 week gen ed and one 5 week Nursing class. I'm a bit overwhelmed, but I work 2 jobs and have a special needs kid. Don't like emphasis on APA. TA's can make or break you. No responses from professors in general ( nursing courses, the other non nursing classes, I had good professors).

I have 4 more classes and I am done. It seems to go quick, although not quick enough sometimes. I am getting really burnt out on school after 2 years, I want to be done.

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I am a newer nurse and I came from a partner school so all 100% of my classes transferred and a lot of them were placed into the different tier groups. When I transferred over, I had 100% of my GECs complete with the exception of Comp 2 because I took a handful of electives at my community school like dance history. I started March 24 2014 and I am set to graduate in Dec. 2014. I am going straight through the summer though.

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I took advice of someone on here and decided to buy PERRLA for APA. It is accurate about 90% of the time.

I also decided to take my Comp at Miami University with a professor that is recommended. It's an 8 week format.

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I just finished last week, so happy and excited to be done. It will be great to just work and have a life!

In retrospect, it was a great choice. The price is right and they do make it do-able for working nurses. The five week format is wonderful and it flies by. Its true what the above posters said about the TA's, but overall, all my graders were pretty fair and consistent. I also agree that PERRLA is the way to go! I would definitely choose OU again.

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I'm looking at this BSN program, can anyone give any helpful hints or a glimpse of what type of work is required.


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Bellupperdarbylpn, the nursing classes were all pretty similar in terms of assignments and due dates. Generally, each week we had two discussion board posts with two responses (each) and another assignment. Sometimes the other assignment was a 4-5 page paper, quiz, or smaller assignment. Original discussion board posts are due by Friday night and the responses due by Sunday night (except for the last week of the class where they were due earlier). When I started this program I had never even heard of APA and was computer illiterate. I am still computer stupid but can put just about any reference into APA without batting an eye! I cannot pop a paper out of my rear like some of my co-workers so I spent about 15-20 hours a week on school. I was terrified when I started this program because I had been out of school for so long and had never taken a course online, but it really is doable. The 5 week format makes the classes fly by and the flexibility is priceless. You can take a course for 5 weeks, sit the next one out, take two at a time, etc. This site has helped tremendously to connect with nurses taking the same courses and made my journey much more enjoyable.

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I work 3 12s at night as well. It's a nonissue. That's the beauty of online programs - everything is due by midnight but it doesn't matter when you do it! :) OU has the same problems that other RN-BSN programs have, based on what other people have told me. I liked the 5 week format - no matter how terrible a class is (and there are plenty of ranting threads on this board lol), it's over in 5 weeks. I don't like the heavy use of TAs. Other than that, I've liked it. Can't say I enjoyed it lol but at least I'll be done soon. I had to take the 9 nursing classes and 3 gen ed class. I started May 2013, and I will be done the first week of October this year. I only took 1 nursing course per 5 weeks, although I did double up with the gen ed classes. Not too shabby!


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It definitely has its quirks, but overall the 5 week plan for classes kept me focused. I kept saying "I can do anything for 5 weeks!" I felt like communication was an issue with my TAs. Replies to questions are not prompt, but they get to you eventually. I also took a final and their system failed; leaving me with a few unanswered questions. I emailed my TA multiple times to no avail. I had to wait a week or so to find out my final grade for the class, and never did get to find out my grade for that final exam. After all said and done, I am happy that I completed the program in just under a year. It was worth it to move forward with my education. Good Luck!


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I was wondering about group projects and etc.

(Oops, Sorry, I am not eligible, I live in Texas. Thanks anyway!!)


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Just curious to ask those that have been attending OU: do you feel the grading is fair? I have a 3.9, and would like to be able to keep a high grade point average. Not looking to pay for A's, but also not interested in going above and beyond just to get a high B. Any feedback?