What is the new grad salary in the lifespan hospitals??

  1. I am interested in the lifespan hospitals and just wanted to get an idea on the starting salary for new graduates, and the differentials for shifts. -Thank You!!
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  3. by   TRR8021
    I'm interested to know as well. Hopefully no less than $25/hr.
  4. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I think its like 27/HR if I remember correctly.

  5. by   tojal1989
    26.52 base pay
    1.75 evening
    2.75 night
    3.50 weekend
    Also 1% raise every year you work there.. raise is set until 2015 (when contract is renewed)
  6. by   yp1624
    tojal1989 are they hiring new grads at the moment??
  7. by   BSNRNINRI
    No. They have many of positions posted but never fill them.
    They also won't hire you unless you have a BSN now.
  8. by   HeatherMax
    You have to have a BSN to get hired there now.
  9. by   mgalano
    They will hire ADN but only as an internal hire
  10. by   Shavonne Spence
    So, all of the ads that are posted for licensed RN (BSN not required) are for internal hires only? This disappointing. Especially since there are not a ton of options in RI
  11. by   Shavonne Spence
    Do you or someone you know work at a Lifespan hospital? Which one?
  12. by   TRR8021
    Why have ADN programs if hospitals don't want to hire RNs with an associates?! I have a BSN, but that's crazy to me. I'm sure if that's the case at RIH, they will help you bridge over to the bachelor's by offering classes/tuition reimbursement. I'm pretty sure that's what they do at Miriam. I would apply anyway.
  13. by   mgalano
    I work at lifespan at an outpatient office.
  14. by   JRN1015
    Is this pay rate for a new nurse still accurate for lifespan hospitals ?