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  1. TRR8021

    Simmons May 2014

    I'm accepted to the May cohort but I'm taking the bridge course so I suppose I won't be in classes with any of you guys haha. I'm a little nervous about it all. Especially the cost. Anyone have any recommendations for scholarships? I've done a few searches online and plan to apply to everyone I can possibly find that I may qualify for!
  2. TRR8021

    RIC Nursing

    You don't sound like a transfer applicant since only 2 courses are from CCRI. I would speak with the Record's Office at RIC.
  3. Why have ADN programs if hospitals don't want to hire RNs with an associates?! I have a BSN, but that's crazy to me. I'm sure if that's the case at RIH, they will help you bridge over to the bachelor's by offering classes/tuition reimbursement. I'm pretty sure that's what they do at Miriam. I would apply anyway.
  4. TRR8021

    Are Saunders questions similar to NCLEX?

    I used Saunders to prepare for my exam last year, and personally, the actual NCLEX exam was easier than the prep book! Truly. Other people I know said the same thing. My school also utilized ATI so I used that along with Saunders to study. I mainly used the CD-ROM from the Saunders book and the practice exams from ATI because I wanted to get the actual feel of the test. It worked for me. I passed with 75 questions.
  5. TRR8021

    CNA experience = more competitive?

    I would go for it. I'm not sure if you'll be more competitive, but like others said, it can't hurt. You'll get experience in the healthcare environment and form relationships with nurse managers all while caring for patients in the most fundamental way. Most of my classmates that were CNAs or nurse interns in the hospital landed an RN job shortly before or soon after graduation. Whether or not you get the CNA cert, I would definitely apply for a student nurse intern position at your local hospital. I wish I had pursued it more adamantly as a student!
  6. TRR8021

    Passed Nclex rn in August, still no job

    I feel your pain. I've only gotten interviews in LTC and Skilled Nursing facilities. 0 hospital interviews. Thankfully, I still have my non-nursing job. Check sites like indeed and simplyhired. There's some new grad listings on those sites. I saw some in states like NE, NC and SC to name a few.
  7. TRR8021

    One lead off

    I've never heard of that. I would think it wouldn't show a heart rate at all if a lead is off. You can always check the HR manually, re-attach the lead and compare. Could just be a faulty EKG machine
  8. TRR8021

    Rhode Island College School of Nursing-- BSN Program

    Hi there, luvnursing13. I don't think it matters where you do your pre-reqs. If CCRI is a more economical choice, I would do it. Just make sure that your courses at CCRI are comparable to RIC's courses. I believe the Admissions Office at RIC has a reference book that you can use to make sure you're taking the right course. I'm sure CCRI will have a resource too. As for the schedule, it can be a full course load if you want it to be. As a 2nd degree student you can petition to take all 4 intro nursing classes together. That's a lot to handle if you plan to work too. When I was attending, the schedule was 2 morning classes back to back and at least 1 afternoon class which met 2x a week. Basically, you have class 4 days a week. You can check the online course catalog on RIC's website to get a feel for the schedule. I actually took a slower route through the program since I was working nearly full time. I ended up taking 1 or 2 classes per semester. It depends on your personal preference, how strong a student you are, and how quickly you want to get through it. Personally, if I had to do it all over again, I would go to one of those direct entry graduate programs to become an NP lol. Now I have to go back to grad school one day. Oh well. Good luck with the program!
  9. TRR8021

    new grad nursing jobs

    Oh congrats on the new job! Did you land a hospital position? I actually have an interview this week for with a SNF. Hopefully it works out!
  10. TRR8021

    Rhode Island College School of Nursing-- BSN Program

    2nd degree is not a strike against you at all. You sound like a great candidate. As long as you have all your prerequisites done and your application completed and in by the deadline, you should be all set. Your GPA is stellar so there's no issue there. I was a 2nd degree student as well and got in perfectly fine.
  11. TRR8021

    UCONN vrs URI please help!

    I'm not familiar with either programs, but I would suggest going slower at the state school and getting a student nurse intern position once you've done your med/surg clinicals. Becoming a CNA in the hospital would be a great experience as well. All of my classmates that were CNAs in the hospitals or student nurse interns ended up with jobs not long after graduation! I wasn't able to do either and am still looking for work lol. Plus, I feel the CNAs/interns have an advantage in clinical because they are already familiar with the system of things in the acute care setting. Not to mention, they can form relationships with the nurse managers who will remember them and recommend them when they apply for RN positions later on.
  12. TRR8021

    new grad nursing jobs

    I'm in the same boat. New grad RN without a job. I'll be working for a flu clinic this fall and hopefully I'll find a permanent job in the meantime.
  13. TRR8021

    rn license in ri

    I believe it's within a few days to a week. It doesn't take that long. Getting the actual paper license in the mail can take weeks though. That doesn't matter much anyway because employers will verify your license online from the Department of Health.
  14. Yes, I would be upfront about the LTC job. As nurses, it's important to always be honest and I think the potential employer would appreciate that more. It may even come up in a background check. You never know. Besides, people change jobs all the time for various reasons. As long as you give your current employer notice and stay in good standing, I don't see what's wrong with that. Best of luck with your interview!
  15. TRR8021

    How's your dating life?

    My dating life was on hold before and since graduating nursing school lol. It's like, where do you meet decent people nowadays?! Sheesh. :)
  16. TRR8021

    Took nclex today feel horrible

    I took mine yesterday too. I got cut off at 75 and tried the PVT and got the good pop up. Hopefully it's correct! Good luck to you!