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  1. TRR8021

    How Do I Toughen Up At Work? Part 2

    Very nice advice! Just what I needed :)
  2. I'm interested to know as well. Hopefully no less than $25/hr.
  3. TRR8021

    Rhode Island College School of Nursing-- BSN Program

    Yes, you take a calculation exam for every clinical throughout the program and they supply the calculator. I believe passing is 90% and you get 3 chances. As long as you have a Math for Meds book, you should be fine. It's just basic dosage calculations in those lovely word problems lol. Don't get lost in the extraneous information. :)
  4. TRR8021

    Accelerated non-nursing BS to MSN degree

    If I had to do it all over again, I would go to one of those programs. My interest in nursing has always been to be an NP anyway. Instead of going straight for the master's, I've been plugging away at the BSN part time for the last 3 years and have 2 more semesters to go :) Like a previous poster said, there are pros and cons. It's been good because I've been able to keep working while I go to school (I cut my hours to fit in school) but on the other hand, I still live like a student.
  5. These questions were fine to me. I think you are over-analyzing them. As you move along in your program, you will get used to these type of questions. Like others have said, try studying with an NCLEX review book. :)
  6. TRR8021

    First years as NP...

    Oh really? I haven't heard anything about its reputation. That's interesting to know though.
  7. TRR8021

    First years as NP...

    What about URI? They have an FNP program: College of Nursing - University of Rhode Island
  8. TRR8021

    Confused about which job offer to accept. Advice please

    The full time position would be more appealing to me. You could always look for a per diem later on.
  9. TRR8021

    Dehydration Q

    I'm thinking it has to do with the electrolyte imbalance and higher hematocrit maybe? Dehydration will cause hypovolemia which will increase the hematocrit. Blood is more viscous and not readily flowing to the GI tract causing the muscle irritability or spasm which causes the N/V. Another poster said that blood shunts to the GI tract causing N/V. I would think that's counter-intuitive. An example would be how blood shunts away from the GI tract during exercise to fuel the skeletal muscles. That's why you can get nauseous because less blood is flowing to that area and fluid is being lost from sweating. For you other question, yes, you need an order for ice or hot packs from what I understand. Cold packs will cause vasoconstriction and reduce swelling so you'd want to use it on post-op wounds, sprains, etc. A post-op hip replacement comes to mind lol. On the other hand, heat will cause vasodilation and increase blood flow to the area. That would be a good treatment for stiff joints, sore muscles, etc.
  10. TRR8021

    Rhode Island College School of Nursing-- BSN Program

    Well look at it this way, you get to educate your patients. That's a big part of nursing care. Also, you could be a nurse educator down the line and combine your interests! There's so many options available to you when you're a nurse.
  11. TRR8021

    Rhode Island College School of Nursing-- BSN Program

    It's funny that you said that because RIC is known for having good education and nursing programs. Guess not everyone agrees!
  12. TRR8021

    Questions for New Grads

    So it looks like being an aide or an intern really helps to gets you hired as an RN.
  13. TRR8021

    Why is Nursing School So Flawed?

    I thought it said close to the nurses desk, not in the hallway. I pictured a patient in his room that's near the nurses desk in a wheelchair. I've seen that in nursing homes. I know they teach us to put patients that are fall risks or disoriented close to the nurses desk. Hmm....interesting test question..... So why would the call light help with the fear of being alone?