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I was wondering if anyone had any information about this school. Their program is fairly new and not accredited as of yet. So, im kinda skeptical about this program. It would be nice if someone... Read More

  1. by   Ffranco
    I'm going tonight I thought it was 25,000 not 55 ? Thank you for input
  2. by   Ffranco
    I'm going tonight I thought it was 25,000 not 55 ? Thank you for input
  3. by   Ffranco
    Pinky I'm going cause I'm desperate not cause I don't have the grades I just don't want to wait anymore my family needs me to finish ASAP
  4. by   sgo1989
    Ffranco,Are you looking into the January start? I'm assuming I'll be paying for the whole thing with loans. I'm with you, I'm not desperate, I have the grades to get in, I just don't want to wait anymore! Let me know what you find out when you go! Thanks
  5. by   Ffranco
    Yes trying to figure out what to do yes loans and financial aide I don't know what I'm going to decide I work days but I had already made up my mind that I might have to switch and work evenings but I have a really good job
  6. by   Ffranco
    I just can't wait I'm a single mom it's taking too long
  7. by   sgo1989
    I'm with you, at this point I really don't care about price, I'll make that money back when I start working, I just hope I can start in January! on the phone I was told there were still seats available. Do you know what you have to get on the test to be accepted?
  8. by   Pink777
    Let me know what they say, I'm a single mom also and I have the grades too. I've been in this process for three years. I'm almost 40. All I want to do is finish myself. Did they say to you $25,000? What about all the extra classes?
  9. by   Ffranco
    I thought 25 from what I gathered on my own info but no its alot like 46 + if you have anatomy , physiology and micro they won't charge for those classes so it would go down for me after loans and pell grant I still might have to come up with 15,000 dollars in 3 different installments . Barbara was super nice answers all my questions
  10. by   Ffranco
    No one has taken any spots for january because they just started a class this week I might not be able to go due to finances until April if I can go at all
  11. by   Pink777
    Thank you, I already did all my testing and paid my fees, which expires in December. Just need to make up my mind or wait until May for a decision from CCRI one last time. I made an appointment for next week and go through everything again, I walked out the last time because they said $900 a month x 21 months I would need to pay or find a outside loan.
  12. by   Ffranco
    Oh ! to do the tests you paid the 175 only or more ? there are 2 tests right one is the Kaplan and then the other one I'm lost she told me so much stuff I was dizzy I have to go over it again the folder I don't know what I'm going to do either I'm considering staring in April paying with my taxes the first 6 months I wouldn't have to worry then I would have leave or switch jobs .
  13. by   Ffranco
    I didn't talk to financial aide people so I'm not sure exactly how much I'm looking at but the most out of pocket and still have loans to pay It would be 15,000 for me so it is alot