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Reusing IV Flushes on Same Patient


Hello everyone,

I noticed while doing my clinicals that many nurses reuse the same flush when administering medication via IV push rather than use a separate flush. For example, they will grab a 10mL saline flush and only use 5 mL to flush the line, proceed to administer the medication and then use the remaining 5 mL to flush all of the medication into the patient. Is this a safe practice? If not, what is the rationale against it? I'm genuinely curious seeing as how clinicals are starting again soon and the last thing I want is to give my patients an infection or put them in harm in any way. I look forward to the replies and thank you in advance!

Gross. You can't really keep the tip of the syringe sterile doing that.


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Just wondering if the facilities were having any problems acquiring sufficient quantity of supplies so they 'wasted not, wanted not'!!

The final word should be coming from their IV P&P, or from acknowledged experts in the field.

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That's weird. I don't think it would be a huge infection risk, if they are somehow holding the 5ml without letting it touch anything, but it would still be safer to use a new syringe to flush after the med. It doesn't seem to save time so I'm wondering what the rationale is. Hopefully not a supply shortage!


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