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Hello. Question for all you retirees. How many years did you put in before you retired? Or how many of you are planning to retire and how many years do you have? What age? I have 10 years and I'm... Read More

  1. by   meanmaryjean
    Quote from llg
    Lately, I've been thinking about retirement more and more. I think that what is stopping me is the fact that I am overwhelmed at all the stuff I have to do to make that transition (Clean, update and sell my condo most of all ... reorganize my finances ... move into the retirement community in another state near my family ... etc.). Once I am settled into the "new life of retirement" that I have planned, I think I will be fine: it's all that work that needs to be done to create that new life. It's the transition I dread and that overwhelms me, not the retirement itself.
    I feel you! We are planning to buy a place in FL near two of the kids for when the hubs retires in March, and I will move into an apartment here in IN for a couple years- splitting my time between states. (I have to live in IN for my job - even though I work from home). I just got the last two kids moved out (and all of their crap) so part of the downsizing is complete. But UGH- moving!
  2. by   llg
    Quote from GrumpyRN
    Can I say, and I mean no nastiness with this, you are not ready to retire yet.

    If the thing that is stopping you is a bit of housekeeping, bookwork and selling then you are not ready.

    you will know when it is time. You will gladly get everything done that needs to be done and you will do it with a smile.

    At the moment my guess is that you are liking the IDEA of retirement but the mechanics are putting you off. Don't worry, the day WILL come where you say, "That's it! Time to go."

    Get all your plans in order so that when the time comes you can just DO IT.

    Good luck.
    Thank you. I hope you are right.
  3. by   OC_An Khe
    Half century in healthcare, 40 as an RN, retired 1 year ago. You definitely need a plan for what you want to do in retirement. Of course a lot depends on your health and time should be spent on maintaining your health. Nursing is a people and helping oriented profession and I find I need things to do in retirement that continue to fulfill those psychological needs. LLAP
  4. by   twinsmom788
    I left paid work at age 59. I have been so happy and free and feel very lucky that I had the ability to make that choice. I bought an RV on my lunch break and my husband and I toured the country with our dogs while our daughters were in med school. I am able to spend my time making our life beautiful with art and such.