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  1. Should I not work overtime hours if I'm a salaried Exempt employee?

    I worked for years in the State of Texas. Your "overtime" hours are considered comp time which is golden. It just adds up to time you may take off at your convenience. However, I would definitely recommend speaking to HR about your particular situa...
  2. CRNAs: We are the Answer

    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life" - Winston Churchill
  3. CRNAs: We are the Answer

    Don't be sorry about expressing your thoughts and opinions. I truly wish I had not heard those comments myself. I've only known a very small number of CRNAs in my life. The majority of my OR experience was in a children's hospital that did not employ...
  4. Vitamin infusions

    The above is amusing...Ok let's go to the tennis tournament and get a facial with botox. Throw in an IV on the side.?
  5. Writing Explanation Letter (criminal hx) For Nursing Board

    YES...please, please do not go on and on about the situation. Every letter I have ever read is way too detailed and overstated. And please do not blame another person for your actions. 100% of the letters to the Board that I have read have included ...
  6. CRNAs: We are the Answer

    My son in law is in your shoes. He will be deployed soon for a remote assignment in a war torn country. He will come back changed, of course. My husband experienced this in Vietnam. Blessings and positive thoughts coming your way. It's a very dif...
  7. CRNAs: We are the Answer

    Every CRNA I have known has made comments to me that the anesthesiologists are too picky about high standards. If they would say something like that to me personally, who knows what their practice is like. This has been my experience in my professio...
  8. Johns Hopkins All Childrens RN Residency August 2019

    Very happy for you!! Working at ACH changed my life. It's a mission to care for sick children.
  9. Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    Considering I am an advanced practice nurse, I think I know this. But I appreciate your insight. But you are just as wrong as you can be with your assessment. Have you worked in licensure? Or on the BON...just saying, because you say that you are...
  10. CRNA, Anesthesiologist Relationships

    Hey guys and gals - please just stop! You seem to be telling me to stop twice. I'm expressing my opinions from many years in the OR and the Army. I'm certain that good and qualified CRNAs exist in practice. Wish I could meet one. This past week, I ...
  11. CRNA, Anesthesiologist Relationships

    The patients started to survive and a good idea spread around the world. But you've already said ....nothing will change your mind. Insert emotican of chimpanzee with hands over eyes here. Oh wow, thanks so much for your demeaning remark. If you h...
  12. Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    Oh dear, the vision of the soccer moms! My program was rated #2 in the country at the time by the NLN. What a coincidence. LOL
  13. Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    We must be of the same day and age! Those NLNs were awful and very predictable in my case. I miserably failed the pediatrics portion and when I took my Boards, pediatrics was my lowest scoring section. That was back in the Stone Age when we took ...
  14. Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    There are many professions and trades that cannot be practiced without a license from the state. Nursing is one of them. Trying to fight the school and the state will serve no purpose. There is no workaround.
  15. Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    All of this info is based a wing and a prayer. The BON in her state is the one that holds most of the cards. In my experience , there is nothing that can speed the BON up, unfortunately. Good idea, in theory.