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I would like to hear from any nurse who has been out of the field of nursing for a time, and thinking about returning. I have been inactive for four years due to a medical sabbatical, but am now... Read More

  1. by   RN28MD
    I tried going back PRN TOO but no luck. They say that I have been out of nursing too long that it would cause the hospital more money to train me when I will only be giving then a small amt of hrs. I am still looking around but it sucks to have to drive 1hr away from home when my local hospital I use to work at is only 15min away.
    wish me luck
  2. by   jpcgdm
    I am a new member who needs some support. Need to take my NCLEX in Pennsylvania again because I let my license lapse---Stupid me!!! I know I have to get over that. Any suggestions. It has been 12 years since I worked in the field. Can't stand having this license lapse hanging over me!!!!! Thanks for any advice
  3. by   CHATSDALE
    i admire anyone who is willig to go back to work after a extended time out of the field but nursing really does change a lot in a short time so a refresher course is a good idea, gives you some hands on experience and something on paper that you can present to an employer
  4. by   RN28MD
    Thanks you CHATS..... that is a great idea! In the local hospital they told me if I was out 5yrs I would need a refresher course that the actual hospital gives.
  5. by   julietoo
    Hi, I thought it was just me!!! I have just finished the RN refresher course in my area (ct)...And to tell you the truth I thought it would be "easy" to return to nursing. NOT. I have heard all along how we "need nurses" etc...The "hospitals are just waiting for you" This is what I have found...There is no place for an experienced RN!! We seem to be even less desirable than the new grad. When I was on a busy med/surg unit in a major teaching hospital during my clinical for the nurse refresher I knew it would take some time to "learn" all the new equipment and become familiar with the new meds. However, I felt very comfortable and ready to care for the pt's. I am very discouraged at this point. Where does the experienced nurse wanting to return to work fit in?
  6. by   RN28MD
    how many years have you been out? Have you found the refresher course to be helpul?
  7. by   julietoo
    I've been out about 16 years. Yes, the refresher was VERY helpful. I think a refresher should be required if one is going back to acute care. Nursing is like riding a bike lol. The body and it's systems do not change.
  8. by   momma23
    I too have been out for about 15 years, have worked in human resources for my husband's company for a good part of that. I couldn't find an appropriate refresher course that fit into my schedule or was financially feasible. So I embarked on a self-study program to re-take the NCLEX exam as it is one of the options for getting your license back in NH.

    Prior to being out of nursing, I worked full time for eight years in intermediate care/telemetry and was a full time charge nurse for four of those years, worked with the first cardiac catheterization patients we ever had at our hospital and got every certification I could get in my position there. During my "stay at home" time, I was raising children(like most of us!) and being a primary caregiver/case manager of sorts to both my parents and my mother-in-law.

    However, after embarking on a job hunt that has spanned many different areas, from health informatics to applying at a health insurance company to applying for per diem cardiology positions, it seems that no one wants a nurse coming back. I too found that they prefer new grads. I went to a job fair and they looked at me like I had three heads and one recruiter even told me flat out, we don't want you unless you have recent clinical experience. It is very discouraging as I think my life experience would make me a better nurse. I truly do not desire to work on a med/surg floor at this point and just would like an opportunity in some area to get back in and use my experience.

    It is good to know that others have dealt with these same issues. i am not sure where to go from here though.
  9. by   RN28MD
    momma.. have you looked at taking a refresher course. I tired going back to work too and the nurse recruter told me if I am out one more yr I would have to take a refresher course. But the hospital has one. Maybe some of the hospitals in your area have one too.
    I wish you luck as I too am trying to find a way to go back.
  10. by   jemrn56
    I'm feeling frustrated as well trying to get back into hospital nursing. My last hospital job was in 1993, NICU. I'd like to return to Peds/Neonatal...I worked out patient peds from 1994-2001.
    I took a refresher course from the local community college and it was free (they were offered a grant to fund the couse) with the exception of buying books. It was good and very helpful, however, I still can't get back in the door. Keep being told by HR dept that I need to start out in med surg again (don't want to do that!). I'm in an area where there are several large hospital systems and there are alot of peds openings posted on the hospital websites. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  11. by   nonna52
    I came across this site as I was checking out RN refresher courses in our area - Twin Cities, MN. It was nice to see others in my situation, BUT I think I have everyone beat: I have not worked since 1974. I worked only two years before having children. I worked ER and then was hired by am MD who trained me in as his assistance - long before PA's were in vogue.

    I've raised eight children. My youngest is twelve. I was an ADN grad, but last year I finished up a bachelor degree in psychology. I have also been very active in pursuing training with ICISF and CISM. I am now considering reactivating my RN license - maybe even get a job. I am a little discouraged though, as I read the posts. Any one have thoughts to give me. I am a young 56 - kids do that for you! Thank you for any ideas!
  12. by   TLC93
    count me in!all i thought i am the only one having such problem!been inactive ever since i had my frustrating!i don't really know where to begin.....i will be very glad for any suggestion....:-)
  13. by   Michael'sprv8RN
    I've posted earlier, am an inactive nurse too from the Phils. Didn't had any experience ever since I got my license, had a 3 month refresher training but seem not enough. I am under K1 petition, I don't know how it would be for me arriving in the US though am on my reviews right now but still so worried, not even sure if hospitals will accept me. Please anyone could share what are the steps to follow to keep things smooth for us?

    Thank you so much.