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Retake Question

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Anyone have failed and retake nclex? How soon can you retake. I have received the yellow letter stating to wait 45 days.

My last test day 12/15/08 would it be safe to say by Feb 1, 2009 I can take the NCLEX again.

I know every states have different guidelines. I'm in Southern Cali.

Thank for replys...

I do not like to see anyone start to prepare again until it has been at least one week since they have received their results. Brains need time to just regroup, then it usually takes more than the 45 days to prepare. One needs to prepare as if they have never taken the exam before as the exam is going to be completely different and nothing on your old exam will be on the new one.

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Rushing to resit is opening yourself to another fail. Take your time and study well

I need to get my license ASAP to start working. I"m broke. But you have a point Silverdragon102. I just felt that I was over prepare for the NCLEX but yet failed. I will try Suzanne Plan once I meet the requirements.

Also, does Kaplan have a review course for LPN? I only seen RN review classes. Kaplan website only supply 1000 Qbank for us LPN students?

If you do not take the time to prepare properly this time, then there is a chance that you will not pass again.

Remember, it does not matter what you did in the past for the previous exam, that is done with and you are going to be preparing now for an exam as if you have never tested.

There is no way at all to over prepare for this exam, but you need to understand what the exam is looking for in an answer in the first place. Just doing questions alone does not work.

p.s. My program was designed to be done on its own and not in conjunction with anything else.

You are also in CA, you will not get your results for close to a month as wel as the wait to get the actual license in the mail for another few weeks. There is no way that you are going to be able to begin work as soon as you test. If you need to work immediately, you may wish to look at some other type of work and take the time to prepare properly.

Best of luck to you.

Also agree that you will save time and aggravation by taking the time to prepare properly. Want to wish you good luck in passing the test.


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New Hampshire and Massachusetts have 45 days of waiting period too....

I will retake it soon too. Try to get more prepared than before...thats my plan...

good luck...

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