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Researching Nursing Schools

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What are some things I should be aware of before I start applying to different Nursing Schools in my area? Pass rates and what else?


I would suggest going to your state board of nursing site and look to see what kind of status your schools you're looking into have. That way you can see if they have any accredidation sitings, probations, etc.. That will tell you a lot about the school. That and talking to the students who are now in the program.

You can also compare pre-entrance requirements, prereq courses, co-req courses, NCLEX pass rates, etc... Whatever you feel makes a good school :)

Good luck to you!

I would try to talk to some of the students in the program. The school I am at looks great on paper and has a great past reputation....but in the past few years something has changed. The enrollment rate has dropped and the quality of the education has decreased. It hasn't shown op on paper yet but I believe it will soon, hopefuuly not with my class though. Talking to people who are in school now I have determined which programs in the area are good and which ones to stay away from. I am willing to tell anyone who wants to know about what nursing school to go to in the Kansas City area.

While the reputation, pass rate, and cost that the school has is very important, what the students who are still in the program think is much more important. I chose the program that I'm in solely on pass rate and cost. I have since found much dissention "within the ranks" and this in turn affects my learning at the school. It has almost become a self learning because the ranks are so busy doing the he said/she said thing. If I didn't only have one year left, and could afford it, I'd be out of there into another institution. Several people that I know have transferred out already.

Just be very careful what criteria you use....the brochures are pretty and are there to attract you....get to the real nitty gritty before you decide!

Some of the schools in my area have clinical sites that are really far away (imo). So that might be something else for you to consider.

This can be really important especially if you have to deal with a daycare center and you have to be at a clinical at a certain time.

I think you should think about flexibility. I know my program is/was:) pretty intense, with little time to work. Also, I have friends who failed a course and had to wait an entire year(I know some schools offer summer nursing courses, etc) I really felt I good a superb education from my school, but if you have to work a lot, etc...it's something to think about. Good luck

I am willing to tell anyone who wants to know about what nursing school to go to in the Kansas City area.

Spill! :D

I am going to moving back in w/ Mom :eek: prob'ly next summer so I can start nursing school. What is/are your suggestions for the KC area? I graduated from UMKC in 1994 w/ a non-nursing degree, so an accelerated program would be ideal, but I'm not opposed to entering a traditional program as a transfer student.


I checked out the MO Board of Nursing site to view some pass rates...I was unable to find pass rates listed on the KS Board of Nursing site. :confused:

Thx for any info you can share!

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