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I am in the forth semester of my 5 semester BSN program. Nursing school has not been easy, but I have done well at it- maybe even excelled in some areas. This semester we have community health, research and med surge II. I have a 3.71 gpa in the program. Research class might just change all of that. I am not a great writer but I have passed many english courses just fine. I just feel like we haven't been introduced to this level of writing/understanding yet, and they are throwing us into it expecting that we know so much more than we do! We are expected to write a full research proposal and lit review by the end of 16 weeks when half of us didn't even know what that is! I don't know if I just need to whine a little but I am extremely frustrated- as is most of our class. Our teacher has her doctorate and teaches so far above our heads it's crazy. I honestly haven't ever felt so discouraged and confused. Any tips on how to make it through this course without failing are welcome!!

If you knew it now, there would be no point in taking the class. :) That's why you're in it.

There are many great resources to learn how to do this; count yourself as very, very lucky to have the opportunity. So many nurses have no clue, and it really hampers them in practice; and, more's the pity, they don't even know it.

Do some lit searches on how to write a research proposal; it's not rocket science and I am confident that you can do this. As to your instructor teaching above your head, well, see the first sentence above. :) Stretching is good for growth.

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^^ this ^^

If you already knew how to do it- why would you take the class?

I know, stretching. Blah. ? nursing school has so much stretching! Lol I do feel lucky to be in a BSN program, specifically research, with a great teacher. I just wish it were more intuitive, it's not easy to learn a new language!

@Julesmama28, I have a lit review sample from my research class. If you PM me, I can send it to you.

Our research teacher has a phD as well and she has written/published many nursing research articles. I'm in my first semester of the program and I'm very glad to knock this class out now. It's so boring & nobody likes the class at all. We just have to write papers and do a huge presentation at the end. It sucks!!

My heart goes out to you all. I always made A's on my papers, but I absolutely HATED writing them. Soooooo extremely happy to be done with school.

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LOL - it's so cute. Newbies always want to focus their energies on the visible (surface) aspects of learning a 'thing' - no matter what the topic - because they measure success by the ability to 'walk the walk'.

Telling students how important research is to nursing practice is about as successful as all that parental advice we give to teens - in one ear and out the other. At this stage, "it's boring and nobody likes the class at all" just about sums it up. As their careers mature, they will grow to appreciate the value of research. I only hope that the few who go on to advanced degrees & become researchers themselves will think back on this stage of their education and have a little grin.... like I am right now.

Yeah...before we know it these ones will be all grown up and spouting, "We're all RNs and pass the same NCLEX." And we will still be waiting for them to reach the higher ground. :)

Cynical much? Sorry. Ahem.

Students, go forth, and please: have a glimmer that it will look a lot different to you when you haven't been students for five or six years. We'll be here waiting for you. :)

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Our research class was second semester. It's a lot all at once, but it's manageable. Utilize your resources. You'll be amazed how far you'll come over the course of this semester. I wish my paper was related to the field I've chosen, but I do feel like my research would benefit me in any area of nursing, and the skills I developed in that class, while I hated using them then, have already served me well in later semesters. I'm sure they will do the same when I am in practice. There is always evidence available that can improve our practices, and while it is difficult to change any policies and procedures, knowing how to present evidence in the event that you DO see the need for policy change and in your own practice will be a useful skill.

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