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I'm looking for a great RN remote/work from home position.  No telephonic nursing, but something more along the lines of nurse navigation (e.g. for pharm companies), case management, your/UM (how do you even get into this area??), etc... Wondering what suggestions/experiences you all may have?  Thanks!

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Hi depending where you live some states don't allow remote work from any kind like New York but check USA jobs it's a VA Federal website they have some remote jobs on there and you can apply good luck


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Amedisys Home Health hires remote nurses for CTC (Care Transitions Coordinator) positions. Some are M-F, some just weekends. They are nationwide as far as I know. Their website can be a little tricky for searching for positions so make sure to check not just under nursing but the operations section for positions as well.

Insurance companies like  United hire for remote as well but often times those positions require CM certification but it's worth looking into.

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Hi!  I'd suggest to check out and  Both sites have some great resources for getting your remote nurse Job Search started.  Both of these sites also have a job board specific to remote Nursing Jobs 🙂 NurseFern has some awesome blog posts about the different types of remote nursing jobs to help you narrow down your search.  The Whole Life Nurse on Instagram is another great resource to check out for alternative nursing career options.  

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Indeed and LinkedIn post remote positions all the time.  Some require that you live in the state where the job is located and others allow you to work from anywhere in the U.S.  Most will also require certain upload/download internet speeds and that you have a wired connection, not satellite. Other requirements will, of course, vary with the position.  There will be a smattering of triage positions but most are not.

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I agree, Indeed is a great resource. There are also facebook groups specializing in remote nursing. Many of them have job boards. Good luck!