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  1. Anyone know where I can view training videos for Brightree for home health? I have gone to their web site but there isn't anything useful there. I am going to Youtube to check but if someone has other resources they can offer I'd appreciate it.
  2. Peachpit

    Job Offer, need advice

    Agree with all the other posters..call HR and tell them you need the offer letter so you can move forward with resigning from your current employer and if something has changed you need to know as you do have other offers on the table. If they don't respond, move forward with one of the other offers. I feel for you as this seems to be a theme w/HR..difficult to reach, slow/no response....no one who has been offered a job with all the expectations it holds should be subjected to having to ask/"beg" for the potential employer to hold up their end of the deal..yet, sadly, it seems to be the normal rather than the exception - even before Covid. Professionalism and respect of time should flow both ways.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies..I did call. I was thanked for "reaching back out to them" and told the Director is who called, she was in a meeting and would call me back to discuss my resume. I haven't heard from her as yet but at least I called so they know I am trying to be proactive :)
  4. I missed a call from a potential employer for a job that is very much in line with what I am ultimately wanting. There was no voice message left. Should I call back and say I saw a missed call or just wait it out? I am currently working so I'm not desperate for a job but what I'm currently doing is not something I want to do long term so I don't want to miss out on a possible opportunity for a job that is something I could see myself doing for the long haul.
  5. Peachpit

    Leaving the bedside

    I left bedside nursing about 5 years ago, no regrets, no interest in going back. Have mostly worked case management. Worked briefly in hospice but it wasn't for me.
  6. Peachpit

    Coping with depression and my job

    I have struggled with depression and anxiety for decades. I understand completely where you are coming from that your job is making your mental health issues worse. For sooooo many years I ignored that fact in my own career which caused me to either embrace the "suck it up buttercup" attitude or reach a point of despondency that I job hopped.. I have lost count in the past 10 yrs how many times I have changed jobs. What I didn't realize was part of the job hopping was based on the depression/anxiety/low self esteem that I brushed off or wasn't willing to address for various reasons. I wanted so much to be like other nurses, those that knew what unit they wanted to work on, to have that dedication/drive/passion and to be one of those nurses that stayed with an employer for years on end. Unfortunately, my lack of taking care of my mental health struggles early on created more issues for me then were necessary. There will always be a reason employers want employees to work over time, changes shifts etc. (pandemic, short staffing, higher than normal census and so on) You truly can't let that be your problem. If you need time off, take it if you can. Guilt is part of depression and often times those of us with chronic mental health issues try hard to live as though we don't have them..that only makes things worse. My point is, your mental health needs to be priority one. A lesson I wish I had understood a long time ago.
  7. Peachpit

    How much do you make pay per visit?

    Kodizzay...what happens if you don't have visits or only a couple of visits for the day..does being paid by points mean if there are no visits or one is canceled then you are not paid? Also, if you only had, for example, 3 visits for the day and all were regular visits then you would make $135? I'm trying to find out more about how being paid by points works when there are not enough visits or none at all as I've been offered a weekend position that is paid this way.
  8. Peachpit

    Point system for FT

    I know this is an old post but was wondering if you still work this position? I have been offered a Baylor HH position but am concerned about it being pay based on points and have a few questions.
  9. I was offered a Baylor position (Fri/Sat/Sun) for a large HH agency. The offer letter states (and the recruiter and Administrator confirmed in the interview) this is a FT position. During the orientation period (about 2 months) I will be salaried then pay will be based on "points" depending on visit type (SOC, Recert, etc). Mileage is paid from office to all visits and back to office. No call is involved and there is a small stipend for cell phone. The Administrator during the interview stated weekends were "steady" especially Fridays but wasn't specific other than stating "some weekends there are more admissions that others but there are routine visits and recerts, ROC and unexpected visits." What I don't understand, and am not able to get a direct answer about, is what happens if there are no visits for the weekend or only a couple of visits? Does this mean I don't get paid at all? The point visit rate is based on my hourly rate times whatever the point value is assigned to the visit. If I understand it correctly, even though it's FT, if there are no visits for a weekend then there would be no pay even though technically I am "working" or if there were only couple of visits then I would only be paid for those few visits for the weekend. I don't understand how this translates into a FT position or how I would have consistent FT income.
  10. Peachpit

    VA Case Management

    The uniform allowance I know is given to nurses that work the floor and also the "CBOCs" but I don't know about CM but ask. The orientation is 2 weeks of general, the 3rd week is nursing orientation which you may be required to attend all or some, after that will be whatever orientation is specific to your job and that may not be where you will be actually working. For instance, where I worked a nurse was hired to work mental health (outpatient clinic), she had 2 weeks of general orientation, 1 week of nursing, then 3 weeks to her job - all 90 miles one way - (I think I said 70 in an earlier post but it's 90 miles from where we worked to the main hospital where everything takes place). She was not aware of this until AFTER she accepted the position and quit her other job so she had no choice - she was also a single parent so she had to drive it every day. The orientation is LONG and getting payroll, computer access, badges etc is a PAIN. It took HOURS to get simple small things done. So be prepared. Also, if there is an uptown division and a downtown division as some VA's have, you may go back and forth on the same day for things. It's not like orientation at a private hospital. You will still get mileage and meals - or should - so ask HR upfront about that - you will have to submit for it after it's all over and again it will take weeks to get it approved/paid and you will need to check on the status weekly. As far as a hotel, I don't think they will pay for one that close to the facility but you can ask. You should hit mid to high 80's on salary. I can't imagine you wouldn't. I made a little over 94K but between taxes and the mandatory retirement I came out about what I was making when I worked another job at less a salary. Overall, for me, the VA was just not worth the constant stress - even for the money - it was way different that any other place I worked and after the last time I knew for sure I wouldn't go back. But again, your experience may end up being vastly different.
  11. Peachpit

    VA Case Management

    Your Quanterion test is good for a year unless there would be am exposure of some kind where you would need to be retested. Same w/all your lab work and drug test. You won't be retested if you accept the position regardless of how long it is before that takes place. Drug tests are only done after hire if there is a situation that warrants one - suspicious of being under the influence, some mistake where they want to make sure, etc. With your degree and experience, at least in the South, you would come in salary wise at least mid 80's but again, it depends on where you live region wise as they adjust for cost of living and in Jan of this year a raise went into effect for nurses over all - at least it did where I live. In the CM position you "may" be entitled to uniform allowance so ask HR about that. It was $400/yr. As far as your physical results, labs results, the person who performed those in Employee Health should've had you complete a self addressed envelope so they would automatically mail a copy to you, if not, you will need to contact that person directly or the Employee Health dept where you went directly for those as HR doesn't have anything to do with it. As far as the background check, I don't know if you can obtain a copy after the fact or not as when mine was done I was asked up front if I wanted a copy - I said yes - and one was mailed to me. That would be an HR item. If you physical, background, etc is all done and your transcripts have been sent to HR then they will either go ahead and send your info. to the board or they will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your experience to submit with all your other stuff. Then your salary is decided. Best option is to contact HR and ask where you are in the process of being sent to the boards. Again, if you accept the offer make sure to ask about orientation upfront. If you DO have to travel more than 70 miles one way they will arrange for accommodations including meals and mileage. I opted to drive back and forth because of having worked for them before I knew I would end up having to pay out of pocket for everything upfront then filling out yet another form or two to get my money back and it wasn't worth the headache so I just submitted for mileage once it was over and they threw in meals as well. It was about 8 weeks after orientation was completed I got my money.
  12. Peachpit

    VA Case Management

    I have worked for the VA a few times in the past on short term assignments. Case Management included. Salary with the VA is based on education, certifications and experience. Prior military experience or being married to someone in the military is given preference for interviews if requirements are met. There is no negotiation of salary. They go by a "step/grade" system which should've been mentioned in the job posting and would give you an idea of what "step/grade" you would be in. The actual salary (after that is determined) would also vary by where in the US you live (salaries are usually higher on the West Coast & up North than they are in the South). Same with the hours you would work which are referred to as your "tour of duty" The fact you have CM experience is a plus. Case Management, the actual job responsibilities, with the VA depends on where you are CM - I.e. on a specific unit, in a CBOC, for home health, etc. The process for getting hired at the VA is long - can take upwards of a year with the average time frame 6-8 months after being interview.. If you are in a hurry or need a job in a few weeks, you will need to find something else while you wait to see if you are selected for an interview. There should be a "closing date" in the job posting. Most of the time interviews are done after that date. All except one of the 3 interviews I had w/the VA were via telephone. PACT model of care is the VA way now so you may want to read up about it if you are notified of an interview. All interview questions are behavioral based. The VA conducts in depth background checks - it's more than just the civilian type and they take much longer. You can look through other posts on here regarding VA hiring process. I assume you applied though usajobs.gov. Make sure everything they ask for - transcripts, etc - are uploaded as all of that is used to determine employment. Also, if you are selected for the job, all of your information will go before "the board" NOT the BON in your state but "the board" at the VA who then looks at everything, determines your grade/step and sets the salary. Make sure to find out where your on boarding and orientation will be. My last one was 2 1/2 hours one way from my house for 4 weeks. That was not told to me until AFTER I had accepted the position. Good luck -
  13. I have two job offers..one is a FT M-F hospice CM position (no call, no weekends, no holidays, salaried, mileage, case load 12 - 14) at an office about 25 min from my home. Second off is a FT 3 days/week (12 hr shifts) on an acute care unit in a small hospital about 45 min from my home. I have until Monday to make a decision about each offer. I am not a new nurse and have experience both in the hospital and home health/hospice however, I've been out of hospital nursing for approximately 8 yrs. working in case management/physician office type nursing. I am not 100% sure going back into the a hospital setting...the Covid issue is a small part of my hesitation, mainly I'm unsure the 12+ hr shifts coupled with the 45 min trip tacked onto both ends of the 12 hr shift would be worth it just to have a few days off during the week. It's stating the obvious that hospital nursing has changed 10 fold since I worked in it 8+ yrs ago as well. The hospice position would be rewarding, though I know there is a ton of documentation but it seems that is everywhere these days. The draw back is it being M-F(though the management team does not require nurses to be in the office unless there is a meeting so nurses can schedule their days as they wish within reason). I don't want to be short sighted about either position and realize hospital positions don't come open often for someone who has been out of the hospital setting for as long as I have been. The hospice position salary is 7K more than the hospital and that doesn't include the mileage reimbursement. My goal..work/life balance, to do some good for someone while being able to provide for my family. No lofty ideas about management, furthering my degree or anything like that. I appreciate any feedback anyone is willing to provide.
  14. Peachpit

    Consider Area Change to Hospice

    I actually do understand about quitting jobs frequently..and you are right..many people don't understand. Even on sites like this one many will "bash" those that don't stay in a job for a year (even if they are miserable) or whatever. There would be no reason other than many lack of clinical experience you couldn't get into hospice as a new RN. You have some experience and the motivation so that is a plus. A lot of hospices will hire new nurses in positions other than dedicated on call. As far as hospice nursing itself, there are plenty of posts on this site and others about it but my personal experience in working hospice has been overall positive. There is a lot of driving like with home health and just like in the hospital/home health setting there are days you have to change your schedule depending on what is going on. Documentation is like everywhere..a lot and repetitive but necessary. Some hospices require Case Managers to participate in call, others have dedicated call teams so make sure you ask. Also ask about mileage reimbursement, cell phone reimbursement or if a phone is provided. You will want to know if the position is hourly or salary and the general territory you'd be assigned. Patient visits vary just as they do in home health. If your idea of hospice is spending time with the patient discuss the mysteries of life or being in a social work/counsel/spiritual advisor role it isn't like that. It's nursing and just like with hospice or patients in the hospital setting, the type (care) provided depends on the patients diagnosis/illness/disease process. That doesn't mean you aren't providing emotional support to the patient and/or family but it's just like other flavors of nursing. Have you thought about becoming a Chaplain or similar since you are drawn toward that? You would be able to use your nursing degree as a springboard to social work/psychology/theology or similar. You will read on here and other areas that you will find your "niche" in nursing at some point..I don't think that is true for everyone and in my humble opinion, that is OK. Good luck.
  15. I've done the follow up "thank you" to those who interviewed me a day after the interview. Waited over a week and sent a follow up "touching base" to HR contact. No response but I wasn't expecting one. I'm still holding out some hope but won't reach out to them again of course unless they contact me. Thank you for all the feedback/comments. I appreciate them all.
  16. Thank you brownbook.. I am trying to figure out how to correct my posting to display in paragraphs. I did not realize it was one long post until you pointed it out. I genuinely appreciate your feedback and response. It helped.