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  1. Nurses are the 'Canary in the Mine'

    A few months ago I was offered a bedside position after several years away from a hospital setting. I thought I would be happy to get back to bedside after a hiatus from that flavor of nursing. The money that was offered coupled w/having days off dur...
  2. Take a deep sounds like you have a lot going on and sometimes the unknown (like what HR is going to require) and the waiting can be the hardest part and ramps up the anxiety etc. I agree w/the previous poster - I don't see how the A...
  3. Should good health be a requirement for certain positions?

    When the nurses who are covering for her stop covering by starting calling to out and/or resign or flat out refuse by going to management...then the management will have to wake up or step up regardless of any "pet" relationships. As others have said...
  4. Non-Hospital Nursing

    I recently had the option of going back into the hospital setting (after several years away from that environment) to a dayshift weekend position requiring 1 weekday shift a month in addition to every weekend and "encouraged to consider more" shifts...
  5. How to handle unhealthy work environment?

    As others have said, find another job. Your experience/skill set I'm sure is in high demand for hospital and non-hospital based jobs. You don't owe the employer anything but the time you agreed to be there and work. If overtime isn't mandatory a...
  6. Mental Breakdown part 2

    The only failure would be to continue to punish yourself by working in a job you hate to the point it is making you ill and trying to live up to the expectations of others. THEY are not living YOUR life or in YOUR head. If they think nursing is so gr...
  7. Requesting feedback on hospice job offer

    You have only solidified what I already was thinking which was while the money/bonus was good, the overall offer/expectations are too high/not sustainable. I read reviews on some job site for this particular company as well and they were, across...
  8. Requesting feedback on hospice job offer

  9. I recently received an offer for a Case Manager position from a hospice and am not 100% sure about accepting it and would like feedback from others. The position is FT M-F 8-5, salaried with a bonus. Mileage is based on total miles for the week ...
  10. I know this is an old post but on the outset you are still following it..I'm curious as to how making the change worked out for you and if you like working med/surg.
  11. Correctional nurse transitioning to medsurg

    Med/Surg is a new flavor of nursing for you. Don't discount the skill set you obtained and perfected in Corrections. It gave you a foundation and will come in handy in the future. Give yourself a little more time if you really enjoy the Med/Surg...
  12. Notice

    Since you don't have another job lined up you will need this current one as a reference - even if it's just HR being contacted to validate your dates of employment - so you need to really think about not going in the additional 2 weeks as it may be s...
  13. Shift Work

    NICU Guy...if I understand your post correctly you are currently working a true Baylor? Just Sat/Sun? If so, how long have you worked this schedule and do you think it's worth it?
  14. Tolerating Abuse from Grieving Families

    It is absolutely not OK as others have pointed out already that family or patients behave in an aggressive/abusive manner. PERIOD. Most everyone has lost a loved one and yes, I know people react to illness/death/dying is a variety of ways but some pe...
  15. Do nurses hate nursing?

    Depends on where and who you work with..some places yes, but across the board? No. But that doesn't mean YOU will have the same experience in YOUR career (whether this is your first, second or hundredth career change). How social workers interac...