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InHisImage has 13 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ER.

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  1. InHisImage

    Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    Worse than the new grad is the nursing STUDENT!
  2. InHisImage

    IV Insulin and Cardizem

    I realize that you aren't entirely disagreeing with me and I also understand that certain circumstances may dictate that certain meds be run together, but I don't care to belabor the point because I believe that enough has been said on the topic for the OP to make her(?) own decision about how to practice; however, there is difference between what is permissible and what is wise. I will also reiterate that the OP's workplace policies may very well support what she overheard other nurses saying on the subject and that should be the first consideration driving her decision. If there is nothing in writing, IMO the nurse manager should be consulted, not only for clarification, but for CYA...just in case. In the meantime, it is also my opinion that a nurse should err on the side of caution when whenever possible until a definitive answer can be obtained.
  3. InHisImage

    Constantly being put in triage or fast track

    Keep your log and try the suggestions given here, but if you think your assignments are becoming punitive, and if you belong to a union you could try talking to your union rep to see if there’s any way they can help you out.
  4. InHisImage

    Float Pool/ED

    I have not done that but I worked with a few people who have. They actually loved it because they typically got to work where they wanted since most of the “non_ER” nurses don’t want anything to do with the ER. There were perks for working the float pool that they didn’t have working as an employee of the ER so they got the best of both worlds. Of course, whatever perks there might be, if any, will vary from hospital to hospital.
  5. InHisImage

    IV Insulin and Cardizem

    I agree with everything adventure_rn has said. As an ER nurse, I would never run anything, compatible or not, with cardizem let alone insulin! Even if technically compatible, my hospital has policies against running certain IV meds together, and both insulin and cardizem are not to be run with other drips, so you should check your hospital’s policies first. Finally, I don’t see how an ICU patient can get by with only one IV. IMO, and standard practice at my hospital, is for all ICU patients to have at least one IV that is not in continuous use (running NS would be the obvious exception) when they have a continuous drip(s) running so that emergency meds, scheduled IVPs, or PRNs can be pushed without disturbing the drips and running into the same complications that adventure_rn described.

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