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Rehab Ratio

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Hello everyone,

Isn’t normal to see rehabs with a 1:18 nurse-patient ratio? How hectic can things get?

I had about 12 once in a private rehab place, my most recent in the public hospital I'd have 4-8 at a time.

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Seems to be a very wide range depending on the type of facility. The more SNFish, the higher.

I work Inpatient Rehab and our ratio is 5-6 patients. We also have techs who have a patient load of 5-7.

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I worked in an SNF/Rehab, nights. Pt ratio ranges from 12 to 18, mostly high acuity pts. I don't ever want to work at a rehab again. I definitely learned a lot while working there but everything I learned could have been attained at a hospital with better nurse-pt ratios.

I worked at 2 different rehab facilities. Different company, same issues.

It's anywhere from 1:14 or 1:12 on our rehab unit. we can use more tech's though the more the better.

It is 1 to 8 at night and 1 to 5-6 in day, inpt rehab hospital unit.

There is a major difference between inpatient physical rehabilitation and a SNF/ Rehab unit. Inpatient should be 1:6 ratio, or 1:7 for low acuity.