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  1. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    It's a pass for Repro!

    Thank God! i'm done with repro. it was a tough one that I was sure I failed. Forging ahead with LS2, 3. I did ls1 and passed with a B few months back. Hopefully, by the time I make it to cpne things will improve where we don't have to wait for so long to test.
  2. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Passed FCCA 274 Head to Toe

    I'm not quite there yet for the fcca but will be in a few months or so. just curious, do we take the fcca at pearson vue? how does testing work without giving out like is it at your own pace? Congratulations!! Neese80!
  3. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Passed FCCA 274 Head to Toe

    Congratulations!!! Keep us posted on how you do.
  4. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    This MD culture

  5. Dy-no-mite Nurse1


    I heard good things about uworld as well. I think I will give them a try when i'm ready for nclex.
  6. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Passed FCCA

    How long does it take to complete the fcca? ec told me that It could take anywhere from 2-4 months, that's along time.
  7. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    I Hope This is Not the Latest Trend

    Last I read, she was going to trial and the license was suspended. that was a sad case and so unnecessary when all she had to do was cover her butt and send the patient out to the hospital from the start.
  8. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    I Hope This is Not the Latest Trend

    this is absolutely horrendous, but not uncommon at all to see subpar care ending in the death of residents in these type of places. I put blame on the nurses that decided to neglect their resident's and forge documentation, but I also lay blame at the administration's feet as well. Most likely then not, I'm sure the nurses were understaffed and one nurse with more resident's than they can safely handle. condolences to the families.
  9. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Pearson Vue question...not about the trick

    I'm doing excelsior college so I'm paying to take the exams with my own money. If somehow I can get a look at the openings maybe I can pay for it out of whichever paycheck I can, jiggle some things around etc.. Don't assume how i'm paying it could be by my bank debit card which comes out of my account immediatly. I have bills like everyone else and trying to get a jump start on my test dates and when to pay for them.
  10. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Pearson Vue question...not about the trick

    I was wondering if I could look up future testing dates without having to pay on their website for an exam? Pearson vue is very difficult to get through to ask questions. I logged in and somehow not able to find this out or ask anyone. I'm trying to look at test dates and coincide with my pay periods before I pay. Appreciate any help on this.
  11. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    What if/Is it possible?

    Nope, I don't think so, or it may be quite difficult. I really think one needs to have that clinical component that is crucial to all nursing students to succeed in providing safe effective nursing care.
  12. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    What is your procedure for passing ice water?

    I'm on a short stay rehab unit, water is passed on both shifts. Typically the aides pass water after their morning duties e.g.; helping to get patients to the dining room for breakfast or doing hall trays, making beds, etc. Not sure when the night shift does it but I've noticed patients pitchers are full and cold when I come on duty at 7am.
  13. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Rehab Ratio

    It's anywhere from 1:14 or 1:12 on our rehab unit. we can use more tech's though the more the better.
  14. Wow! that is crazy and makes no sense at all. how do they expect the debt to get paid now they've taken their only way to make a decent living? I hope this changes.
  15. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    I took NCLEX today!!! PVT?

    Well sounds like congratulations is in order.