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  1. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    3 States Won't License Excelsior's ADN Grads

    I recently enrolled into a traditional lpn-rn bridge in my state and so glad I did because i'll only have 10 months to complete. None of my ec courses I've taken were accepted. All of my gen ed's are done so just waiting to start in the spring. Also glad I won't have that worry if my education will be recognized by other states and some employers. Good luck to those hanging in there with EC.
  2. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Nurse bringing child to work

    While I don't agree with bringing your children to work, however; I do understand not having someone to watch your kid when you need to work. Hopefully this will not be a long-term thing with this nurse. I do understand your concern and rightfully so.
  3. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    6,500 Nurses to Go Out on Strike 09/20/19 in Four States

    Other nurses who should strike are the ones in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. The nurse patient ratio is horrible which leads to complaints and poorer outcomes for patients.
  4. Does excelsior a&p and any of their nursing courses transfer to a traditional nursing program? I maybe transferring from ec to a traditional school.
  5. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Fold and Mold Dressing Packing

    Omg! think I better start doing it this way now at work. I use cotton tip applicators all the time when doing wound care. I hope this will not be the death of me when I get to cpne. Thanks for the tips everyone.
  6. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Excelsior UExcel Exams - Adult, Maternity, Psych Nursing Exams

    I'm in ec asn… but what I can tell you, follow the content guide and do the required readings. I'm not sure how their bsn option is setup we have several ways to get the asn degree. Good Luck
  7. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Passed NCLEX PN 1st try 85 questions

    Congratulations!!!! I didn't use any outside prep when I took nclex but i'm not knocking those who do, so whatever works, Go for it!
  8. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Primary nurse assessment

    At my facility, we (lpn's) take admissions and do assessments. We use to have an admitting rn nurse but they no longer have one. From what I was taught lpn's were only to gather the info and rn's do the physical assessments. Many lpns have admitted/assessed patients to their units. Maybe in a snf/long-term care nursing homes they can do it? Seems too me facilities have been getting away with it.
  9. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    4 Types of Difficult Patients and Tips for Dealing With Them

    Helpful tips here so glad I came across this. After the last shift I had the other day, I just knew it was going to be my last day. The moment I got report I knew it was going to be the shift from hell. Demanding patients, demanding family members, one patient being sent to the er for a fall with head injury. It seemed like it was never ending. I don't know how I did it but managed to get out on time.
  10. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    New York Nurse Steals Narcotics from Cancer Patients

    What a terrible selfish thing to do to someone who has cancer, or any other disease.
  11. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    Whu, OH!
  12. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    shut off at 75

    I took the minimum for the nclex pn and felt like i bombed it, but I didn't. I'm sure you passed it.. I don't know if they still do this but some of those questions are unscored throughout the exam. Just keep the faith and stay positive. Let us know how you did either way. You got this!
  13. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Clinicals at the hospital

    I was nervous as well when we did hospital clinicals. But once we got into it I liked it and learned a lot from it. You will do fine, just follow the advice of others on here.
  14. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Nclex-pn 2019

    I know the waiting can be hell. It seems like you used some pretty good studying resources for nclex. Sending prayers your way and hopefully you passed. Think happy positive thoughts.
  15. Dy-no-mite Nurse1

    Should nurses join a Union or not really?

    I kinda fall in the middle of the union debate. A few years ago while working agency, I was sent to a facility that was unionized. I was surprised to see the conditions among nursing staff like heavy work/patient load (hence, why agency was there), high turnover of staff, one side is the nurses other is admin./management who clearly didn't want them to go union- as it was told to me by an aide. Pay wise isn't all that different either because I applied at that facility. Btw this was a skilled nursing facility. I guess there's some pro's and con's to forming a union. Maybe it just depends of the type of facility that it may work.
  16. Dy-no-mite Nurse1


    I can't say I don't blame you, meeks. It's things like having your license disciplined that can be the death of a nurses career. With all the crap we have to put up with just to do our jobs you would think we can get some sort of empathy from a bon. Yes, there are some nurses who've made egregious mistakes and poor choices in behavior that they should be disciplined... even then we deserve a chance to learn from our mistakes. Good luck with whatever you do.