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  1. jupiter_rising

    California Board Approval Question

    I suggest you call the BON. And maybe call your nursing school and see if there's any chance that there was some sort of mix up when they sent your transcripts. Like missing info. Or it is possible that the BON just overlooked that part on your transcript.
  2. So I put in my application to endorse my license to Cali on 01/06/19. I believe I have all courses I need for the course requirements. My question is to anyone who has endorsed to Cali, with the written and oral comm, I was told by someone I spoke to at CA BON that an oral or public speaking and an English course should cover the oral and written comm. What was your experience when the BON reviewed your transcripts?
  3. jupiter_rising

    Nurses are people too

    It seems that nurses are seen as expendable warm bodies. And when something does happen it is the over-worked nurses fault.
  4. jupiter_rising

    Nurses are people too

    Thanks. I have tried that, prioritizing my workload. It worked for a couple of months. My co-workers and I worked hard to finish everything on time. Then admin decided that since we had "so much time" to complete the tasks we were given then we should be able to complete a few more. And the added work became required tasks for our shift that had to be done. I am learning that I need to stay away from this particular specialty. I have tried working at another company for the same specialty and it is the same issue. Over-working the nurses to save a few bucks.
  5. jupiter_rising

    Nurses are people too

    I am sorry. After reading what I wrote after I posted I realized that it looks like I am rambling. If it doesn't make sense, I apologize.
  6. jupiter_rising

    Nurses are people too

    In my short nursing life I have noticed nurses are everything to patients and their families. Not the "everything" where we are respected and appreciated for what we do. But the "everything" like a child would see a parent. Yes, I know I can't say every single person is like this. This is more of a vent than anything. I don't want to give too much details, fearing that I come across people I know on here. But where I work, we are short-staffed and over-worked. There have been several patient complaints due to call lights not being answered the second it turned on. And the facility frowns on any staff who tells patients and families we are short-staffed. The expectations on nurses to perform tasks that are physically impossible for one person to execute within the expectations of the patients and families. There are so many things I want to write to just get it all off my chest, but its all too specific and I can't go into any details. What gets me the most is that the solution the higher ups came up with is to give more work for the nurses to do ( didn't even address the issue of not having enough staff). I know what I must do, look for another job. I am looking. I have a couple of interviews lined up. Several of my co-workers have either left or looking for jobs. What's sad is that almost every job I have looked into have the same problems if not worse. I get that companies want to make money but nurses are people too and we have our limits. We can only do so much. And taking care of patients (ranging from 12 to 18 in number, sub-acute) is just too much for 1 person, I am at my wits end. How do nurses fight for safe patient-nurse ratios? How did California get to where they are now with their pt-nurse ratio?