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  1. by   zenman
    Quote from pinoyNP
    ... and universities are not willing to allow these community colleges to award a bachelor's degree.
    Community colleges are not governed by universities.
  2. by   Tweety
    The community college here offers a BSN Degree that is NLN approved. They award one of those Associate Degrees that is practically a BSN, then students go RN to BSN after that for 18 more months (half time because they understand the students are going to work full time, and if they do not pass boards they can finish the course they are in but are dropped from the program). It's a cheap and easy was to get an NLN approved BSN. Of course they take other RNs too. The idea was to graduate BSNs who might want to teach clinicals and alleviate the instructor shortage, and thus allow more students in, and thus alleviate the nursing shortage.
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  3. by   jjjoy
    There are private colleges and technical colleges that grant bachelor's degrees that aren't part of a university system. Certain types and levels of coursework are required to grant a bachelor's degree and community colleges generally aren't equiped to nor were they created to do so. It's great to hear of a community college program that is working to make it easier for ASN-RN students to continue on to a BSN. I'd be curious to hear how that program works. For example, are the upper division courses provided by the community college and what college name appears on the bachelor's degree? It would seem that they'd have to be working in collaboration with another school but maybe not. Any more info on that?
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    Quote from zenman
    Community colleges are not governed by universities.
    I am speaking of current developments in my home state. Both state universities and community colleges are funded by the state and are thus governed by state regulations. Community colleges in my state have been pursuing a move to be allowed to grant BSN degrees but the state universities are strongly opposing this.