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Hi all. I just wanted to say that nurses with BSN's in my opinion should be paid more, and have preference in the hiring process. In community college they basically pay you to go, and at a... Read More

  1. by   MedSurgeMess
    I graduated from a BSN program in MAY 2005 and my school now has the highest passing rate in the state 97%. I have 5 and half months experience as a nurse and a couple of weeks ago decided that I wanted to tranfer to a specialty area. I applied, was interviewed within 3 days, and got the job on the spot. The second question out of the director's mouth was where did I go to school? My coworker with 10 years of nursing experience, 4 of which are on my old floor (telemetry) applied, interviewed with the same people and didn't get the job. She is an extremely nice woman and figured if I got the job, it should be a breeze for her, she was wrong. I don't think a BSN should get paid more for bedside nursing, but it does help you get off that floor a lot quicker.
    When my year comes up in June, I will be applying for a clinical manager job. Due to the fact by then I will be half way through an MSN program, I'm confident my lack of bedside nursing experience will not keep me from getting the job. I will play up my education. Therefore, education is never a waste. If your long term goal is not to be a bedside nurse, get your BSN and higher

    Where I work, you'd have gotten the job because as a new grad you would be paid less $$$$$$$, the lady with 10+ yrs experience would have probably come at too high of a price, as to keep cost down, the less expensive option was exercised. Sorry, but I have been in waaaay to many financial meetings these last couple of months. This may not be the case here, but unfortunately in some places it usually is. And never disregard experience, many employers value it just as much or more than they do education.
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  2. by   sjrn85
    You don't think a clinical manager should have solid experience? Interesting.
  3. by   SanFranSRNA
    This is very concerning. We nurses NEED TO stick together. BSN, ADN, Diploma, LVN. Nurses are nurses period. And to the original post.....shame on you.
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  4. by   MedSurgeMess
    You don't think a clinical manager should have solid experience? Interesting

    A clinical manager should definitely have some solid experience under their belt-regardless of education level :wink2: I think education is always good, but at any level-except entry level-experience is needed with the education.
  5. by   sjrn85
    Sorry, but I don't think one year is enough experience to be a clinical manager, no matter what kind of degree(s) someone has. Personally, I would be alarmed to interview for a position where a unit was being managed by someone with only one year of fact, I wouldn't pursue the job.
  6. by   shodobe
    Do I smell something? Oh, it must have been that first post! Stop this before it gets out of hand!
  7. by   bethin
    Oh, just when you think you've met all the small minded snobs another one comes along.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I would NEVER accept a unit manager job with only one year under MY belt. To each her own; I wish you well.
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I also wish to caution the OP is LONG gone as this thread is nearly 2 years old, so there is no use in scolding him/her or getting all hot under the collar. Remember, some people enjoy what I like to call "drive-by" posting----leaving a zinger of a post, and then silently lurking to watch the fireworks that ensue.

    I would suggest we not feed energy like that.
  10. by   sjrn85
    Quote from bethin
    Oh, just when you think you've met all the small minded snobs another one comes along.
    I'm not sure how my saying I wouldn't want to work for a unit manager who only has one year of experience makes me small minded.
  11. by   NP2BE
    i only read the first 2-3 replies, there is no point in arguing this with an obviuos nursing neophite who will face a LOT of growing pains. another thread that should be locked.
  12. by   MedSurgeMess
    sjrn85-perhaps writer not calling you a snob, perhaps a jab at persons-and they do exist-who only think that BSN and above are quality nurses. This statement by me does not only mean OP, but anyone who carries this attitude. Anyone who passes boards-and we all take the same NCLEX test-is deserving of the title nurse, and we should all be grateful of the differences among us-educational levels, personalities, and specialties-and just appreciate each other:wink2:
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  13. by   shodobe
    Your right! I never looked at the date of the first post. I had never seen it before so assumed it was a fresh post. This is a ridiculous thread that should be put to bed and forgotten.