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Several years ago, I worked in Program that assisted long-term Institutionalized Mental Health Clients transition into the Community. The Team consisted of a Leader, an RN, an Addictions Counsellor, and a couple of Case Managers. It was a revolutionary program in this area. When it began, we had a basic framework to work from. So the five of us team members laid down the format.

In the beginning, the program required a lot of Planning Meetings. Since it was a Team Approach, all members had an equal say. At times, the meetings could become loud and a little chaotic. When this would happen, the Addictions Counsellor would say, "People! People! This AIN'T emergency brain surgery!"

This "Reality Check" allowed us to pause, chuckle, and continue the problem-solving process with a more realistic attitude.

"This ain't emergency brain surgery" became a favorite reality check.

What's your favorite reality check?


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"Worst that could happen is they quit breathing, and you know where the code cart is, right?"


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"Just like in the BIG medical centers..." whackawhacka :smokin::jester::rolleyes::D


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"I don't care if you have a medical degree, I still know this patient better than you do."

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Before you over react...................take your own pulse first!


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"Chill, chill....Remember, all bleeding stops eventually, and asystole is the most stable rhythm!"

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what my granddaughter claims" It isn't rocket surgery"


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"Relax! I'm trying to save your life!"


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How about "There will be a mandatory staff meeting at 8:30 am. All staff are required to attend. Have all am meds and care completed by that time."

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Good ones! (I'm still chuckling over "Relax! I'm trying to save your life!")

Here's one a stone-faced surgeon gave to me in his deadpan delivery after I dropped a kelley on the sterile field:

"Never say 'oops' when the patient's awake."

But I guess you could also call that "some good advice".

Thanks for the reality checks.