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I have sent in my application along with my transcripts to start at EC. I finished my LPN in January and passed the boards in March and have been working as an LPN at a Pediatric practice since. I cannot wait to jump back into school so I can be making that RN money soon...ching ching! hehehe Anyways, I'm based out of Orlando Florida so if anyone else here is starting up and want to do some online study chats, let me know.



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Good luck to you! Let us know how things go.


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Good for you! I am also just starting. I hope to take my first exam in a few weeks. Are you going to work full time? Hope you do well!


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Good luck to you. Get fired up and keep on going. That is the way to get through the program and on your way.


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Hi Happy,

I am in Orlando too, about half done with Excelsior. I started in Jan this year trying to get everything done and out of the way.

If you have any questions, e mail me and I'll see if I can help.

that or PM me.



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Thanks Steve. Did you use Excelsior's book or did you find other materials that worked for you best? Did you purchase the practice tests as well? Just looking to see which direction I should start.


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Hi Happy

I down load the Excelsior study guide, read the required reading material. Then I use Studygroup 101 the make sure I am in the right direction. Then take the Excelsior practice exam, study what I need. When I feel I'm ready I go and take the test.

The test center is just off the Trail between Sand Lake and Oak Ridge. The people at the test center are real nice and friendly. Plan on 2 hours or so for testing.




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Good luck, dont let anything stop you....:)

Raggedy Ann

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Welcome aboard Happy! Traci

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