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  1. pebbles57

    Excelsior Gen Ed question

    Agree. Make sure to get approval from you EC adviser. My adviser even gave me all the info and directions I needed to take the Penn Foster course. I made a phone call, signed up, paid by CC, and received emails and mailed materials quickly. I am ready to take the course.
  2. pebbles57

    Why do I feel like a COMPLETE FAILURE???

    Hang in there! ~hugs~ You can do it. Don't give up. It is worth it. The great thing about EC is you can take as much time as you need to get ready for an exam. I agree with the other post . . . I know I couldn't have done it with out all the wonderful people at this site that so unselfishly help so many get through it. We'll help you too!
  3. pebbles57

    A&P anybody?

    I took A&P. I studied for about 4 weeks . . . I had a hard time focusing b/c it was my last exam and I had just gotten my CPNE date a week b/4 the exam. I had A&P I in LPN but it didn't transfer to EC. On the EC exam I got an "A" to my utter amazement. I only scored 51 on practice exam A and after a few weeks of study I got another 51 on practice exam B. I didn't review any Anatomy d/t I remember a lot from previous course and had heard that the test was heavy on physiology (it was). I used my old LPN flashcards and A&P book, focused on physiology, on the rationales of the practice exams, and the EC outline areas that I was weak. Hope this helps.
  4. Think of it this way . . . you have no bad habits to break from past clinical experience. You can learn fresh the EC CPNE way. Lacking clinical experience could be a factor if you face some "unexpected" events in your CPNE testing but if you are well prepared by doing things as the other post are directing, I think you will be okay.
  5. pebbles57

    How long for CPNE wait??

    I got a date much faster than I expected. I was CPNE approved in 10/14/09, on 12/04/09 received email with CPNE date of 2/19/10. I only signed up for the Mansfield, Oh and the 6 Wisconsin sites with accepting a cancellation date. I got Mansfield -- which is a few hours away! yay!
  6. Need advice from past CPNE takers in Mansfield, Ohio. I need a recommendation for a good hotel "comfy bed" is my priority cause I have problems with my hips. Price in not really a problem (gonna splurge for the weekend of the beast). Would also like coffee pot, microwave, and small fridge in room. Also, want as close to hospital as possible (within 5 miles). I will have my own car so don't need shuttled or rental. Thanks for the input.
  7. Oh my! have you done any preparation at all? I am actually taking some vacation time this month to give the CPNE study an intense start. I should know by the end of the month if I think I can be ready by 2/19 . . . I'm gonna sure try! but 5 weeks. Wow. I think I have read post b/4 of people that have done it that fast. Where is your test site.
  8. Cheltoe, I put my ready date as 2/15/09. I signed up for the 6 Wisconsin sites and Mansfield. I also said I would take a cancellation date with a 3 week notice.
  9. Thanks Lisa1980. I hope you get Mansfield too. Mansfield is only 3 hours away from where I live. I was hoping for this site. I'll let you know all about it when it is over.
  10. OMG! I just got the CPNE date for 2/19/09 in Mansfield, Oh. This only gives me 11 weeks to prepare and I work full-time!!! I do not want to give up that date or site. Anyone else with that date? I also want to take a Chancellors Workshop if I can get in b/4 CPNE. I never expected it to happen this soon (application accepted 10/12/09). I need encouragement. Thanks everyone!
  11. Do EC nursing classes count for LPN CEU's? I am thinking they don't but wanted to check in with the experts. Thanks.
  12. pebbles57

    Any LPN/RN nurses that work for VA (Veterans)?

    I didn't get the job. I pretty much knew that going in that I was at the bottom of the list. It actually worked out much better for me to stay where I was b/c I was able to continue distant learning for the RN and am almost finished and have a promotion spot where I work now. The rating questions were mostly geared toward my skills in different areas and conflict management. I can't remember specifics. Hope that helps.
  13. pebbles57

    Input please! Should I reschedule this exam?

    I got a 69% and 73% on the practice exams - then got an "A" on the exam. I was amazed!
  14. pebbles57

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    I was 50 when I graduated as an lpn 2 yrs. ago. I've been working full time as a nurse since. I will hopefully have the RN by May 2010 through distant learning program. Have completed all the required classes and just waiting now to do the clinical testing part of it - and NCLEX. I did that (within 6 months) while working full time. You can do it too!
  15. I want to thank all the CPNE takers that share the mistakes they have made. I have learned so much from those post b/c it seems like it is the things that you usually wouldn't think about and could probably throw you off. Those post have made for many "ahh-haa" moments where I have made a mental note. It helps to not only know what you should do and how to do it - but what do you do if something goes wrong . . . like dropping a pen. I would really love to hear from anyone who is willing to share and to consolidate in a thread these great tidbits of wisdom!
  16. pebbles57

    Amount of study HOURS for CPNE?

    I think I will keep the 2/15/09 ready date and wait -- doesn't mean I'll get a date by then anyway. I WILL passed Ethics!! and spent December working on CPNE before I decide if I might need more time. Thanks Everyone!